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Swim Swim Splash

It was my little girls first swim class of the year today. We did some classes at the end of last year and she seemed to enjoy it, so I signed up again for this session. She was on top form today! She had a great time, splashing and giggling. And I loved it too.

It may seem like such a small thing, taking a swim class with your baby, but I didn’t do any classes with the the boys as I went back to work when they were both six months old and they went into full time nursery.

They both loved nursery and I don’t think they missed out in any way at all. They are both confident, social, friendly children and while I’m sure they would have been anyway, I do think that the nursery environment played a big part in reinforcing those skills. And as it happens, they both learnt to swim at nursery!

But I think that I missed out a bit… So, I am loving doing classes with my little girl :)

I’m also aware that she won’t be going to nursery anytime soon so I want to make sure that she still gets the same social opportunities that the boys had by going to nursery. So we go swimming and to music and baby songs classes as well as play dates. It’s sometimes tricky to fit in as much as I’d like as it has to be done around school drop offs and pick ups; but we try to get out to something most days!

Spending focused one on one time with my daughter is great fun. No distractions from housework or the boys! I love to see her enjoy an activity so much, and to get to see her develop week on week is just amazing. Her water confidence is really coming along!

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