Mess: colored spaghetti in the tuff spot

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It was time to use our new tuff spot! The 4yo was desperate to try something messy and I hoped that the wee girl would enjoy it too… Of course, it didn’t quite go to plan *ahem* but we had a good time trying!

I had seen coloured spaghetti on Mummy of Two’s blog a few weeks ago and had decided to give it a try. Here’s how we got on!

Messy Play - Colored Spaghetti in the Tuff Spot

I made a huge pan of spaghetti and then popped the spaghetti into two ziploc bags and added pink and purple food colouring.
Colored Spaghetti in the Tuff Spot 1

I set up the tuff spot, with the spaghetti and some yogurt covered star biscuits. The wee girl still puts everything in her mouth, so play all needs to be edible!
Colored Spaghetti in the Tuff Spot 2

The wee girl was very unsure of this new experience. In fact, I would go so far as to say she hated it… She did however enjoy the biscuits!
Colored Spaghetti in the Tuff Spot 3

The 4yo on the other hand loved it! ‘Look mummy, I’m getting messy!’.
Colored Spaghetti in the Tuff Spot 4

I thought I’d give the sensory experience another go with the wee girl, but she really didn’t like the ‘stickiness’ of the spaghetti at all!
Colored Spaghetti in the Tuff Spot 5

But, I love the tuff spot – this is the aftermath, all nicely contained and easy to clean up – although the spaghetti is really sticky!
Colored Spaghetti in the Tuff Spot 6

I’m linking up with Jennie at Edpsire for the wonderful Messy Play for Matilda Mae linky, click on the badge below to have a look at some of the other great posts – and perhaps get some inspiration!

It should have been Matilda Mae’s first birthday on Thursday and in her honour we did some pink and purple themed messy play. This was our first proper use of our new tuff spot, and that seemed appropriate. It is thanks to Jennie that we have one and that I am trying out all these new messy ideas!

Edspire Messy Play

6 thoughts on “Mess: colored spaghetti in the tuff spot”

  1. Haha your little girl sounds a lot like Petit Boy. He freaks out when anything sticky or wet gets on him. Even a tiny bit of paint and he wants it wiped off RIGHT NOW! Glad your 4 year old had fun! :D

  2. Thanks for the link! Glad your son enjoyed it even if your daughter didn’t! It gets a lot messier than you would think doesn’t it, I must try it in the tuff spot, it will be much easier to clean than off my kitchen floor! Great pictures :)

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