Childhood: a persuasive letter 1

Childhood: a persuasive letter 1

Yesterday a letter arrived in the post.

Addressed to my husband and I, it was from the 6yo…

We knew that his class had been working on persuasive letters. We weren’t expecting one to arrive in the mail!

I opened it and it made me laugh out loud. Suffice to say, he won’t be getting what he asked for, but he will be getting lots of points for his persuasive reasoning!

A persuasive letter 1

I’m all for quiet time, bless him, but I’m still not getting him a hamster (or a hampster)!

[Update 8 June 2015: I am revisiting this old post for the From the Mouths of Babes linky, from the lovely Louise of Little Hearts Big Love. It still makes me chuckle; and now (just shy of his ninth birthday) his persuasive reasoning has only improved! It turned out to be the first in a series of letters… I’ll be back next week to share the second one!]

Little Hearts, Big Love


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20 thoughts on “Childhood: a persuasive letter 1”

  1. I just loved this! Wanted to comment from my phone but couldn’t (as usual!). I think I would be seriously persuaded by this letter! Love the mention of you having quiet time, made me chuckle – clever little man :-) ps thanks for the mention x

  2. franglaisemummy

    Brilliant letter! And he writes so well, I can’t imagine how it must have felt to get a letter from him in the post, how lovely! Are you still sure you’re not convinced enough to get him one??

  3. How sweet! Kitty has been asking for a baby guineapig for a month now- I’m starting to feel myself giving in!

  4. Oh bless him, that is a very persuasive letter and love “hampster” for hamster. He must be quite hard to resist sometimes if his persuasive skills have since improved! Thank you for sharing with #ftmob :-)

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