Happy Mother’s Day to me!

It is Mother’s Day in the States today.

It feels odd to be celebrating it on a different day than all my friends back home did.

In March, hubby and the kids bought me flowers to celebrate the UK Mother’s Day, which was lovely.

So, I feel very lucky to have been allowed to mark two Mother’s Days this year!

This morning I was woken by two very excited boys who wanted to give me the presents and cards that they had made me :)

Hubby had bought some modelling clay (the bake in the oven stuff) and the boys had spent ages making me a present. The 6yo made ‘me’… The 4yo made me a heart and a flower, all covered with sparkly hearts :) Hubby bought me wine!

Happy Mother's Day 1
The boys had both made me cards at school and preschool. And the 4yo made me a rainbow out of Lego!

Happy Mother's Day 2
Happy Mother's Day 3
According to the 6yo’s Mother’s Day ‘book’ I look just like him, I weigh 2lbs (!), I am very good at babysitting, he would buy me gold if he could and he would not swap me, not even for every Skylander :)

Instead of flowers, my wonderful husband made a donation to The Lullaby Trust in my name, in memory of Matilda Mae. This was so much better than flowers, and I was really touched that he had realised how much this would mean to me.

In the afternoon we went for a lovely walk – taking in a tower, pond, woods and some interesting wildlife! We saw a snake and a turtle/terrapin (I’m going to have to google to check!)… I then had an hour to myself with tea and cake!


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