Mess: pink and purple sensory play

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The theme for this week’s Messy Play for Matilda Mae is ‘pink and purple’.

I had recently made pink and purple spaghetti, so I wanted to try something different this week.

We had played with moon sand at the end of last week (a blog post is in draft!), so I had a tub of this left over. I found some sparkly pink putty and some bright pink ‘noisy’ putty. I had also been wanting to try making some fluffy stuff – which I had seen here via Jennie’s Messy Play Pinterest board.

So, I decided to do a sensory activity, and do a small tub of each of these materials, using paint and food colouring to make each pink or purple.

Pink and Purple Sensory Play in the Tuff Spot
I added some purple paint to the moon sand – it didn’t colour it particularly well, I probably needed a lot more paint, but I didn’t want to change the consistency too much.

I mixed corn starch and shaving foam together and added some food colouring – again the colour was quite subtle – next time I’ll colour the shaving foam before adding the corn starch.

In the end I also made some plain (pink!) shaving foam too!

Pink and Purple Sensory Play 1
I popped the tubs into the tuff spot to let the 4yo do some initial investigation.

Pink and Purple Sensory Play 2
The putty was an immediate hit. He went for the bright pink noisy putty first which made some wonderfully revolting noises! He then grabbed the sparkly putty and stretched it and rolled it. He then wondered what would happen if he stood on it and was thrilled to find that he could leave imprints in it.

He said that the putty was smooth and squashy and squeaky.

Next came the messier stuff. He wasn’t keen on the shaving foam at first, preferring the drier feel of the fluffy stuff and moon sand. Then he realised that he could ‘paint’ with the shaving foam. And of course, had to paint his feet!

Pink and Purple Sensory Play 3
He liked that the moon sand and fluffy stuff were soft and dry. He liked that the shaving foam was squishy.

I then asked if he’d like me to put all the materials into the tuff spot and add some more shaving foam and purple paint. The response was a very definite yes! The first thing that he did was stand in each individual pile, squeezing it through his toes.
Pink and Purple Sensory Play 4
Then he had a great time mixing it all together, swishing and swirling.

Pink and Purple Sensory Play 5
We spent almost an hour playing, through the different stages of messiness.

Pink and Purple Sensory Play 6
As always, the 4yo absolutely loved it. The 6yo peered in at one point, poke some putty and then left! The wee girl sat and watched, obviously fascinated, but didn’t seem at all keen to join in this time – she generally at least wants to get in and see what it’s all about before deciding she doesn’t like it!

Once he had finished, I popped him in the shower – his hands and feet had gone quite pink… thankfully it all washed off – that would have made for an interesting conversation at preschool! We continued chatting, and after smearing pink shaving foamy hands all over the bath, he now wants to try painting in the bath!

We had lots of fun – and have some good ideas for next time :)

I’m linking up with Jennie at Edpsire for the wonderful Messy Play for Matilda Mae linky, click on the badge below to have a look at some of the other great posts – and perhaps get some inspiration!

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16 thoughts on “Mess: pink and purple sensory play”

  1. What Elsa Wears ❤ (@WhatElsaWears)

    I need to get in on this messy play. Not sure if Elsa is old enough at nearly 8 months, but I definitely am at 31!

    1. Ha :) I’m nearly 40 and only just ’embracing the mess’ !! I’ve found some great messy and sensory activities for babies via Jennie’s Pinterest boards… Popping things in ziploc bags and empty bottles, colored bubble baths etc! Lots you can do :) Thanks for reading xx

  2. Looks like so much fun, love the idea of all the different textures. I am just concentrating on one at the time with my little one at the mo but getting some great ideas from you :)

  3. That looks like such good fun!!! Quite fancy trying it myself, hopefully can soon now the plaster cast is off my arm. I must get one of those black tuff spots – I think that’s what they’re called. Our toddler would love it! Heading over from #PoCoLo

    1. Such good news about the cast :) You definitely need a tuff spot – I think that most people get a cement mixing tray… It’s a great addition – we use ours a lot, inside and outside :)

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