Mess: moon sand in the tuff spot

I’ve been meaning to try making moon sand/cloud dough for ages, having seen it on Jennie’s blog (Edspire) and then via her tuff spot play Pinterest board.

The 4yo has become so keen on messy play that he asks almost every day what we’re going to do next, so last week I decided to have a go at moon sand.

Messy Play - Moon Sand in the Tuff Spot

I got him to help me make it using the recipe that I found via Jennie:
8 cups flour
1 cup baby oil

A few people had recommended using cooking oil instead, just in case the wee girl ate it, but I decided to use baby oil as I suspected that she wouldn’t get too involved (so eating it wasn’t a huge issue) – and baby oil smells so much nicer :) And, I have to say, it did smell lovely!

After initially mixing it with a spoon, I got the 4yo to use his hands to finish blending the oil in (it reminded me of making scones!). At this point of course, the wee girl had to check out what we were doing!
Moon Sand in the Tuff Spot 1
Before I had a chance to put the sand in the tuff spot the wee girl decided to get in! After removing her, I set up the tuff spot with sand and some sand toys. The 4yo jumped in straight away, and initially the wee girl joined him.

Moon Sand in the Tuff Spot 2
She didn’t last too long though and crawled off to play with other toys. But the 4yo was in his element and was fascinated by the fact that he could run his fingers through the sand as well as mould it into shapes.

Moon Sand in the Tuff Spot 3
He was thrilled when he discovered he could leave hand and footprints in it!

Moon Sand in the Tuff Spot 4
While he continued to play in the tuff spot, the wee girl started to play with the bowl that we had made the sand in. She scooted back over to the tuff spot and took handfuls of sand, put them in to the bowl and mixed the sand.

Moon Sand in the Tuff Spot 5
Interestingly, she made no real move to eat any of it, which is unusual for her. She put her fingers in her mouth at one point and there was a little bit of sand on them – she promptly made a face and spat out what little had got into her mouth, and that was it!

The 4yo played with the sand for over an hour. He made shapes, walls, mounds, hand prints and patterns.

Moon Sand in the Tuff Spot 6
The star mould was his favourite.

Moon Sand in the Tuff Spot 7
By the end he was absolutely covered in moon sand!

Moon Sand in the Tuff Spot 8

I sent him upstairs to take a shower while I cleared up. I boxed the sand to use again, and we have in fact already used some of it for another activity. It was so easy to clean up – I just scooped the bulk of the sand up into the box and then swept up any that was left, or that had escaped the tuff spot.

The 4yo absolutely loved it – the excitement and enthusiasm from him makes any effort on my part completely worth it!

I’m linking up with Jennie at Edpsire for the wonderful Messy Play for Matilda Mae linky, click on the badge below to have a look at some of the other great posts – and perhaps get some inspiration!

Edspire Messy Play

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