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As I become more and more part of the amazing blogging community, I come across more and more fab linkys! As a newbie blogger, they are a fantastic way to let people see my blog. But, even more importantly – I have discovered some wonderful blogs through them including, of course, those of the hosts!

I have seen lots of posts for The Gallery, hosted by Tara at Sticky Fingers, but this is the first week I was organised enough to check what the theme was on Friday and have a think over the weekend about what I would post :)

The theme this week is two.

I have three children, but my boys will always be a twosome. My two boys: my two terrors, my two cheeky chappies, my two gorgeous little men.

I love them to bits, they amaze, amuse and inspire me every day. I catch glimpses of the teenagers they will be and of the men they will become.

And, when they are not tearing lumps out of each other, they are firm friends and really do adore each other.



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