Childhood: a persuasive letter 3

Childhood: a persuasive letter 1

The 7yo broke up for the summer last week and, as expected, he brought home a huge bag full of paper to add to the mountain already in the house.

He is particularly proud of his writing folder and he sat me down and read me every story and report. The folder also contained the originals of his persuasive letters (Can I have a hamster and I’m not cute)…

But, it turns out that there was a third letter, which I had been completely unaware of – and I have to assume that the school didn’t mail this one…!

So, at the risk of overload on persuasive letters, I simply couldn’t resist sharing this one too:

A Persuasive Letter 3

The thought of my son asking for healthy food in preference to ‘treats’ almost made me fall off my chair laughing.

And, I’m quite sure that Mr Obama has rather more important things to worry about!

[Update 22 June 2015: I am revisiting this old post for the From the Mouths of Babes linky, from the lovely Louise of Little Hearts Big Love. This is the last persuasive letter that my son wrote in 1st Grade, he certainly went out with a bang!]

Little Hearts, Big Love


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25 thoughts on “Childhood: a persuasive letter 3”

    1. I’ll make sure he adds that the next time he decides to write and ask Mr Obama for something :) I guess he thought healthy food might be a little more persuasive than ‘lots of chocolate and skylanders’!

  1. He’s a clever one. Pretend he’s all sensible, infiltrates the camp and then lets rip with his real agenda. MP later on in life? Fab post

  2. I am LOVING this!! i love his style although i am sure he could have picked something better!!

    Thanks for linking up with #PoCoLo xx

  3. Hahaha how clever. I love this. Olivia said: Please can you tell him to send a copy to the Prime Minister too? ;)

  4. Oh Sara, this is wonderful and really made me chuckle! Not quite the reason I would expect kids to want to be able to rule their parents – my two would almost certainly be demanding chocolate rather than healthy food! Brilliant – thanks for sharing this with #ftmob :-)

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