How does your garden grow?

We’ve just spent a lovely week away in New Hampshire.

One afternoon I took a walk on my own, having a wander around lovely gift shops, craft stores and galleries. Enjoying a moment of quiet in the midst of a wonderful, exciting, noisy family holiday!

My walk took me along the ‘high street’ in North Conway. There were flowers everywhere, and although they were past their best, they were so colourful and pretty. The town clearly takes great pride in its displays. There were borders and beds, tubs and pots, all overflowing with beautiful plants.

So, here is my walk in pictures – not my garden, and not a single garden, but beautiful nonetheless!

After walking some way I began to notice the paving stones, every few feet there is a strip of grey slabs, each engraved with a message. Some are adverts for local businesses, but most are dedicated to a family, or a couple or are in memory of someone lost. It was lovely.

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14 thoughts on “How does your garden grow?”

  1. Oo I like how you’ve done this with the blooms in strips – really effective and colourful!
    I love the messages for lovedo nes and those lost you found along the way, there’s an old wooden pier near to us and they do a similar thing on the planks that you walk on, always makes me stop and smile.

    Thanks for joining in and sharing your walk with us all x

  2. That is one thing missing here in the states, formal public gardens. We have one near, us but it is $18 just to go in. Every now and then you can find a formal garden for free – like at Wake Forest University here in NC – their rose garden is gorgeous. Otherwise, it is parks and walkways with more informal gardens, still nonetheless pretty and worth it! It looks like your walk was filled with plenty of beautiful flowers to enjoy.

  3. Nichola fabfortymum

    Oh how beautiful Sara, the flowers are just gorgeous, I love when towns do this just fill up borders with colour, every town should do this it makes an incredible difference. The engraved slabs are amazing, what a beautiful idea x

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