If I could have just one room…

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The lovely Jocelyn over at The Reading Residence tagged me in this super meme, asking the question:

If you could have just one room, all to yourself, what would be in it? What colours would you choose? What would it smell like?

This is a chance to imagine, to dream, to fantasise about a special room, just for me!

Jocelyn’s room was a library, and if I’d been asked the question blind, I’d have said the same. However, as I have thought about it more, the room I imagine has taken on a different life – it’s not so much a room as a place, a feeling, a sanctuary.

There would, of course, be books. But, my room would be a studio, not a library.

A room full of inspiration, colour and ideas.

A room in which to create and develop. Freedom from chores and minutiae, an escape from stress and noise. A space just for me.

So, what would it look like?

It would be white. The furniture, the walls – a blank canvas. All colour would come from the materials, artwork and books; the comfy cushions, plant pots and pretty pottery; the photos on the walls.

There would be a home for my easel. All my art materials would be on display, not hidden in boxes. It would be a ‘working’ room. It would be busy and messy and cluttered, but it would be organised. Lots of storage, everything in its place. I would never lose anything.

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There would be an art table and a writing desk, with space for all my techie stuff! All my favourite books would be on display, with a comfy armchair to curl up in and read.

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The soft furnishings would be Cath Kidston inspired. There would be an eclectic mix of cups and bowls and useful (and useless), beautiful things from the likes of Anthropologie and Ness.

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The colour scheme for all these beautiful things? Looking through my own photos, I imagine lots of muted, pastel colours, offset with the odd splash of brights. It would be girly, but it is my room!

Although this room would be mine, and mine alone, it wouldn’t feel right without a kids painting and crafting corner, so that the kids could join me – if they were on their best behaviour! – and be creative and messy and colourful…

So, that’s my room… a space to dream, to imagine, to create. A room full of fun and inspiration. Somewhere to think, to paint, to draw, to write.

Somewhere to find me, and be me.

What would be in your dream room?

[I’ve tagged people quite a bit recently for various memes, so I’m going to leave this one open! If anyone fancies joining in and linking up here at The Reading Residence, then that would be absolutely lovely. I’d love to know what your dream room would be.]

I’ve linked this post up to #PoCoLo from Verily, Victoria Vocalises.

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26 thoughts on “If I could have just one room…”

  1. Oh, this is just a fabulous space! You’ve described it so vividly I feel like I could be standing in the room. Loving the white with colour coming from everything that’s in there. It would be such a creative, inspiring place to be. I love it. Thanks for joining in :)

  2. I love your creativity, especially about the blank walls! This is so interesting, maybe I’ll join in – thanks for leaving it open!

  3. Oh I love this. Mine would be a bright library/writing room with a couple of Chagall and Klimt paintings on the walls. Old fashioned desk and huge window looking out to a garden…and of course a very comfy sofa and armchair :-) Your post brought a smile on my face – I love daydreaming about things like that! and adore the photos!

  4. Kriss MacDonald

    Wow you described your sanctuary perfectly and I love the colours you want. I’ve wanted a study/library but I would be in heaven with an arty space as well.

  5. This really is an inspiring room. I forgot to include a little space for my little cherubs in mine, like you, allowed in if they are on their best behaviour :)

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