What’s the Story: first Halloween

There has been a constant chorus of ‘Halloween is coming, Halloween is coming…‘ in our house for the last couple of weeks. The excitement levels have steadily increased and I’m almost afraid that the boys might burst before we actually make it out for trick or treating!

As we rapidly approach the day itself, I couldn’t resist having a look back at each of their first Halloweens.

The 7yo’s first Halloween was a fairly staid affair. He wore a Halloween T-shirt during the day, and before bedtime we popped him into a spider costume that hubby had randomly picked up at the supermarket. We took the obligatory photos, and that was it!

The 4yo’s first Halloween was more of an event! He was at nursery by then, so costumes became more important as the boys headed off to nursery dressed up for a day of Halloween themed activities and a party :) He was a skeleton, or as he still likes to call them, an x-ray!

The wee girls first Halloween was spent here in the US, so she just had to be a pumpkin :) And a very cute pumpkin she was too. She wore her costume all day – it was expected! She went to the 4yo’s preschool party as a pumpkin, her music class as a pumpkin, watched the 7yo’s school parade (yes, really!) as a pumpkin, went to the towns afternoon trick or treating event as a pumpkin… When the boys went trick or treating in the evening, she went to bed – and mummy turned the lights out, put candy on the porch with a sign that said ‘Gone trick or treating, please take one!‘ and collapsed on the sofa!

This year, all the same events are happening, and costumes will be worn to all of them! We will have a ghostly messenger, Spider-Man (or an Angry Bird, or a ghost… sadly the jury is still out on that one!) and Snow White.

And, come the evening, I will again leave candy on the porch, switch the lights off and collapse!

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20 thoughts on “What’s the Story: first Halloween”

  1. My favourite is the spider costume. Not seen one of those before. I don’t like spiders (worst are those big muscular looking ones with the bent legs) but this is so cute and cuddly.

  2. The pumpkin costume is too cute! My son has insisted on being a skeleton every single Halloween. I didn’t even have to buy him a new one this year as he wanted to wear last year’s again as it still fits.

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