Magic Moments: achievements

Last week was a good week for the 7yo!

Last Sunday he received his first Cub Scout badge, which means that he is now a fully fledged Cub Scout, having completed the requirements to attain the rank of Bobcat – learning the Cub Scout promise, salute, sign, motto etc.

To welcome all the new Cub Scouts and present them with their Bobcat badge, the pack held a lovely campfire ceremony following an afternoon of games and a cookout.

The first element of the afternoon however was the Opening Flag Ceremony. Having arrived quite promptly (!) my son was asked to lead the ceremony. Cue proud mummy moment number one! He did really well reading his lines, having had the piece of paper thrust at him not ten minutes earlier. He did look slightly like a rabbit in the headlights, but he got on with it in his usual pragmatic fashion! Incidentally, I believe this ticks off one of his requirements to earn his Wolf badge!

The afternoon progressed with various games and challenges! They had to pass hula hoops around in a circle, without leaving go of each others hands – with three hoops going in one direction and two in the other, this was quite entertaining to watch. They had to fold a tarp as small as possible, while still allowing all of them to stand on it – no touching of the ground allowed… They had a race, a tug of war and played capture the flag! It was chaotic, but the boys all had a great time.

Then it was time for the Bobcat Advancement Ceremony. This included a face painting ceremony, which recognised their accomplishment in earning the rank of Bobcat. Each colour used symbolised a different attribute of a Cub Scout. The 7yo was then presented with his very first badge, cue proud mummy moment number two!

Later in the week it was time for his first parent-teacher conference of Second Grade. Suffice to say, I left feeling very proud of my bright, sociable, engaged, interested, enthusiastic boy!

It was a good week :)

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30 thoughts on “Magic Moments: achievements”

  1. Oh I bet your 7-year-old was so proud of himself! :) I was a club-scout too when I was a little girl, I loved wearing the uniform and school camping! #Magicmoments

  2. How lovely! Cubs are fab, you must have felt so proud. It is slightly different from in UK, but I can tell that all the important things are just the same!

  3. Time waits for no mum (@no_mum)

    Ah, fantastic! Proud mummy and proud Bobcat :-) I’m sure it won’t be long before he has his wolf badge!

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