Bake: Halloween cookies

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The 4yo had a friend round for a play date last week. I always like to have an activity of some sort planned, just in case boredom sets in (not that it generally does) – and it’s nice for them to take something home with them.

As it’s Halloween – just in case you hadn’t noticed! – I brought out the Halloween cookie cutters and sprinkles and let them make cookies. For a quick activity like this I love ready made cookie dough, in this case sugar cookies, as it’s so quick and easy to get them started!

First of all they cut out their shapes, they chose to make pumpkins, ghosts and bats. I popped them in the oven while they went outside to play and once they were ready, and cooled, I set up the table with all the icings and sprinkles that I had bought. Orange and black and white, with some candy corn and sugar googly eyes thrown in for good measure!

My 4yo and his friend had a great time, and they both got very creative with the candy corns and eyes – giving ghosts faces, pumpkins noses and bats claws! The 7yo asked to join in as well – his bat and alien ghost were particularly good!

The cookies themselves didn’t last very long though…!

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20 thoughts on “Bake: Halloween cookies”

    1. Some shapes seem to work better than others… I’ve done some that area just funny shaped blobs by the time they a cooked! I think keeping the dough fairly thin helps a bit too – but I’m not an expert, and Pillsbury provided the dough :)

  1. Lovely Halloween cookies! That ghost is so sweet looking :-)

    I’m launching my Celebrate Autumn linky tomorrow morning and I’d love it if you would like to link up and share this great Halloween recipe x

  2. your halloween bakes look delightufl – i love how your children got stuck in to help. i see you have some of those triangle ish shaped sweets which i see on so many American halloween pinterst recipes!! x

  3. You are an absolute genius – I keep meaning to make biscuit mixture and never once thought about buying some ready made! I am loving the creations they turned out fantastic didn’t they!

  4. thereadingresidence

    They look brilliant! I want some Halloween cookie cutters now! Looks loads of fun to do :) #CelebrateAutumn

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