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The theme from Tara for The Gallery this week is, of course, Halloween.

While I may have embraced all that is Halloween over here in the States, I will admit that I didn’t generally get too involved back home.

I certainly didn’t get dressed up!

One of my oldest (by which I mean longest serving of course, I can just see the comments if I describe her as old…!) and dearest friends birthday falls on Halloween.

A few years ago she threw a Halloween party to celebrate, a proper Halloween party – which meant I had to get dressed up!

I’m not convinced that I went as anything in particular, other than ‘vampy witch’ perhaps, but hey – there was a wig and lots of black lace… And very red lipstick!

It was one of those afternoon into evening affairs, and we arrived with the kids for some Halloween fun and games, before they were packed off to bed (luckily we lived just around the corner, and granny was roped in to babysit!).

The adults then proceeded to enjoy themselves, and *ahem* possibly drink a little too much wine. There may also have been cocktails, and dancing, and a very late night!

There was certainly lots of fun, and lots of laughter.

Happy Birthday my lovely friend. Enjoy your big 4-0, it’s not so bad :) Miss you loads x


24 thoughts on “The Gallery: Halloween”

  1. hahaha your hubby’s wig is awesome Sara, is it bad of me to laugh everytime I look at it, great picture you make a very striking platinum blonde and your wee skeletons are the cutest skeletons I’ve ever seen x

  2. Brilliant photo Sara, love it! From what I’ve seen of your decorations, your Halloween looks like it will be awesome. Have fun and Happy birthday to your friend. Try not to laugh at my crafting skills!

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