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My grandmother has just celebrated her 99th birthday!

How amazing is that?

She still lives alone, is sharp as a tack and looks amazing!

My boys love Great Granny, and I am grateful that they have been able to get to know her. The wee girl has met her too, and there have been cuddles :)

We are so far away, unable to celebrate with her. But, we sent love and lots of photos (what else do you get a 99 year old?!). We look forward to our next visit home, to sharing stories and laughter. The boys will regale her with their latest adventures. The wee girl will show off and entertain with her singing and dancing.

Until then, Happy Birthday Nanny xx

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39 thoughts on “What’s the Story: Great Granny”

  1. I love grandmothers! All of them. I wasn’t close to my paternal grandmother, but was very close to my maternal one. But sadly she died when I was ten. My daughter’s paternal grandmother is in her 80s already and it’s important for me, for us, that she has as much memories as she can with her grandmother. That’s why we try to visit and they try to visit us down in Cornwall as much as they can. My mother on the other hand is much younger and healthier, so I’m not that worried about her, as least not yet. #What’sthestory #MagicMoments.

  2. Such lovely photos of such a precious moment, My Grandad is 91 so I know how difficult it is not being there for such a special birthday ( we missed his 90th). Like your Granny, he is still full of life and and fiercely independent and I love chatting with him on Skype, not many people are as luck as us to have our kids know our grandparents

  3. Happy Birthday to your Nanny, she definitely doesn’t look 99, she looks so young! Hope she had a really lovely day. My great gran apparently lived till 120 but I never got to meet her unfortunately.

  4. Happy 99th birthday to your grandmother, that really is amazing. Great photos Sara, just wonderful. She’ll love seeing the wee girl singing and dancing next time your over. Lovely post, thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

  5. How lovely! What an amazing lady! My grandparents didn’t make it anywhere near this far, although they had a good innings!
    Beautiful photos.

  6. Wicked World of Lucas

    Absolutely fab post & what lovely photos to cherish. You are so lucky having your nan still around – loved reading this #whatsthestory

  7. Aw, I hope she has an amazing day, what a brilliant age! I think that is the thing I find the hardest you know, being away from my grandparents. I feel terrible that I don’t see them more often :/

  8. Kriss MacDonald

    That’s so wonderful that your granny has met her great grandchildren! Hard to be so far away but you’ve sent her a beautiful birthday card with this post.

  9. That’s so wonderful and how fab does she look for 99. All my grandparents died long before I’d even consider having children so sadly I never got to spend enough time with them, never mind my boys. It makes me so happy when others get the opportunity though.

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