Speedy cats

We were at the zoo at the weekend and on the way back to the car the 4yo asked if we had heard of a speedy cat.

Naturally, we hadn’t!

So, he enlightened us…

They are so fast that you can’t see them running.

When questioned how he knew they existed if you can’t see them running, he explained that he had seen their shadows.

So, if you see a shadow of a cat with no cat, it’s probably a speedy cat!

Apparently they can go as fast as five miles an hour…

Speedy indeed!

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17 thoughts on “Speedy cats”

  1. Funny how their sense of measurement and perspective is different from ours!

    It reminds me of being in the staff room and a teacher saying, ‘Look at what this child has written! “Tyrannasaurus Rex was 40m long and up to three feet high.”‘

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  3. Vaidehi Chincholkar

    Amazing how creative and imaginative little minds can be. I wouldn’t ever have thought of that. #wotsofunee

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