What’s the Story: generation gap?

Last week I told you about my amazing grandmother celebrating her 99th birthday. As I was choosing which photos to use, I also found this set…

My grandmother has always loved technology. When we were little, she was the first (in fact probably only) person I know to have a video disc player (giant DVDs!). She loved her video recorder, she loves her satellite television. She was always on the look out for the next thing.

Not long before we left the UK we were celebrating a family birthday and the 7yo brought out his DS. My grandmother was fascinated, and wanted to know how to play it! So, ever helpful, my son decided to teach her (and my aunt) how to use a DS.

It was a wonderful moment to watch. My (then) 6yo teaching his 97yo Great Granny how to play – showing her how to use the stylus, how to move the characters in his game, how to win!

They were both completely absorbed. It is a moment that I am so grateful to have captured on film. A moment not to be forgotten.

Generation gap? What generation gap!?

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31 thoughts on “What’s the Story: generation gap?”

  1. I love this post and that last photo is absolutely priceless! My grandad is 92 and i introduced him to the wonders of the internet shortly before we left the UK he was blown away by it. It made me wonder about the huge changes he have seen in their lifetimes and what wonders we will discover in ours.

  2. Ha ha-great post and pictures!I cant imagine doing the same with my Granny. We bought her a mobile a few years ago and she has just about mastered that but only to answer calls-no way will she ever use it for anything else-texting is lost on her!

  3. Brilliant!!! I just love the looks on their faces in these photos – especially that last one. An absolute classic. Good for her learning about these things, many wouldn’t be interested. What a fabulous post Sara, thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

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  5. This is fabulous! I remember showing my elderly aunt my new technology and some of my fondest memories now she has sadly passed away are of welcoming her into my world of iPods and laptops. X


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