Bake: apple and cinnamon cake

A few weeks ago I came across a recipe for an apple and cinnamon cake over at 3 Children and It. Suzanne’s recipe sounded lovely, and it did indeed sound easy.

As I am working my way through the pounds of apples from our apple picking, this cake seemed like a great way to use some of them up!

You can find the full recipe here, and it really is easy! And, highly recommended by me and my family!

I have now made it twice :)

The first time was a test – I haven’t baked entirely from scratch for awhile, and despite Suzanne saying that it was easy, I thought it best to have a go without any expectations from the kids!

The entire cake lasted less than two days :)

So, last week the boys asked me to make it again, and this time the 4yo wanted to help out.

It’s one of those great mix everything together in a big bowl then bake kind of recipes. Essentially grated apple, butter, eggs, brown sugar, flour, raisins and cinnamon! Check out Suzanne’s recipe for weights/measurements along with her very easy to follow instructions! The only substitution I made was for the mixed spice as I didn’t have any. I used pumpkin pie spice instead (I am in the US after all) and it worked really well :)

So, if you have some apples going spare – have a go at this super easy, and very tasty, cake – it got a big thumbs up from all my boys, and the second one lasted about as long as the first!

But, the best bit? The reaction of my boys to my homemade effort! They were so complimentary, so pleased that I had baked for them, so thrilled to have a homemade snack in their lunch boxes. So much so that I have since made pumpkin bread and banana bread :) My husband thinks I’ve been possessed by Martha Stewart – but doesn’t seem to be complaining!

Thank you for the inspiration Suzanne!

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16 thoughts on “Bake: apple and cinnamon cake”

  1. Charlotte (@telling_tails)

    Mmmm! I am going to have to save these recipes for when the apples are ready next year. I have so many apples I never know what to do with them! x

  2. Oh this looks yummy. The guinea pigs (that I am still yet to clean out) (that sounds as though they haven’t been, they have just not by me) have gobbled up our surplus apples this year. Next year I’m going to make this before they get their little claws on them! xx

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  4. sarahhillwheeler

    That looks like a lovely stodgey (and I mean that in an entirely good way) cake….and always good to have new ideas about what to do with all the apples! Popping in from #tastytuesdays.

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