One Week – Autumn 2013: colour

Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile.
William Cullen Bryant

Fall in New England.

It conjures images of reds and golds, vibrant and rich. Bright trees against an azure sky. Walking through crunchy, colourful leaves.

I have watched the leaves turn. Amazed by the colours, from the prettiest of pinks to the brightest of golds to the richest of reds.

As we move inexorably toward winter, I have clung to these crisp, blue sky days. Revelling in the colours, the ever changing backdrop to my walks. Loving the quality of the light, streaming through branches, making leaves glow.

Soon, those leaves will be gone. The raking and bagging will be done. I will see stark, skeletal branches against grey skies. Winter will strengthen it’s grip. I will smell snow in the air.

For now, I will wrap up; gloves and hats and scarves; and let the last of the colour warm me.

Winter will be here soon enough, I will not wish away the last of these Autumn days.

This is my post for Day Three, the final day of the wonderful One Week [Autumn 2013] over at Older Mum in a Muddle.

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[Regular readers will recognise some of the photos this week. As the last of the leaves fall, I took the opportunity to look back and choose my favourite autumn photographs for #OneWeek. I am still in denial, at least for another week, that winter is well and truly on it’s way! I suspect that this will be my last truly colourful post for some time, so enjoy :) ]

64 thoughts on “One Week – Autumn 2013: colour”

  1. Fabulous photos Sara. I especially love that first one especially seeing as its really quite horrible here today. Cold and rain just been replaced with hail!!! Just love the colours against that bright blue sky :)

  2. maddy@writingbubble

    New England Autumns are famous but I’ve never seen one in the flesh… maybe I will one day but in the mean time, fabulous photos like these fill the gap!

  3. Looks to me like you have been having a pretty damn good autumn – all those colours are so gorgeous. Over here, it’s suddenly taken a turn for the very cold – winter is here! Thank you so much for joining in #oneweek, and all three days, what a stalwart! X

  4. Beautiful colours :) The blue in the skies is stunning. I am struggling with the cold here in Scotland too, it seems to have got into my bones this year and I am permanantly tinkering with the heating or putting on another jumper. x

  5. sarahhillwheelers

    Amazing pictures, leaves nearly all gone here now *stifles sob* and your lovely photos make me remember what is so great about autumn…love the gold on the blue skies!

  6. Having seen how many leaves you have had to seep up I can’t help but feel a bit sorry for you every time I see a bare tree in your photos!

    So sad knowing the colours will soon be gone – roll on Spring ;)

    Thanks for joining in again sweet cheeks x

  7. ahh how I’ve missed your glorious New England pictures Sara, they are magnificent and really do lift my spirits. Sorry I’ve been missing for a bit, but thankfully all bugs and sickness have been banished, so I’ll get caught up properly xxx

  8. aah, how I have missed your New England pictures Sara, these are magnificent and truly lift my spirits. Sorry I’ve been missing for a bit, but all bugs and sickness has been banished and I’ll get caught up properly now xxx

    1. Ah, yes, my over zealous spam filter :) And I just saw your name without reading the comments and approved them! Ah, well – never mind! So good to see you back. I’m glad the photos made you smile, the leaves are just about gone now, so the colourful posts will stop :( I’ll just have to post the odd reminder of autumn xx

  9. I think I am in denial as well. It is my favorite season, but it seems to be the shortest. I was sad this week since most of the leaves have fallen – but I still got pinged again by another walnut this time to the head – ha!

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  11. What an absolutely lovely, lovely, lovely post. Beautiful words and pictures. I love fall in New England, it has been many many years since I enjoyed it there but it really is a sight to behold, thank you for sharing x

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