Ordinary Moments: Scary Santa

This photo shouldn’t make me smile, but it does.

It’s a rite of passage as a toddler, isn’t it? The first meeting with the scary man with the beard.

Toddlers are funny creatures. Full of curiosity and wonder, excitement and giggles.

A growing awareness of the world around them brings much to amaze and delight, but also much that seems strange and odd and frightening.

Each new situation brings opportunities to experience and learn. But, they can be daunting at first.

The wee girl was on Santa’s knee, alone, for about five seconds. Just long enough to snap this photo. Daddy was just of shot, and that is who she is reaching for. She was scooped up, cuddled and kissed, and was giggling again within minutes.

The resilience of children.

So, yes, the photo makes me smile.

It reminds me that however ordinary a moment may seem to me, the adult; to the child it can be extraordinary – in good ways and bad.

It reminds me that being unsure and a little frightened is part of growing up. That sometimes situations might be scary, but that is okay. I want my children to be confident and secure. I want them to try new things, to experience the world around them.

It reminds me that the most important thing for your child to know is that you are there if they need you, that you will always protect them – but also that they are capable of doing anything they set their mind to, and it is my job to teach them that.

And, who can resist a photo like this :) A classic childhood moment, one to be cherished and remembered, and used in later years!

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24 thoughts on “Ordinary Moments: Scary Santa”

  1. Yes we all have a photo like this. Can remember being very excited to take Olivia for her first visit and her refusing to sit on his lap and have a photo taken, but we have to do it.

  2. I love this photo! My daughter was so war of Santa until this year. There was a little girl in front of us in the queue and she saw him and burst into tears! Lovely moment to remember and smile about in years to come xx

  3. Love this photo and it is definitely a rite of passage for being little. I have one of me sat on Father Christmas’ knee as well bawling my head off. Weirdly we saw Father Christmas the other day and my big girl was fine with him, I thought she would cry the place down as she is a little bit of a scaredy cat, but she was fine and was chatting away! x

    1. It is a must do moment isn’t it?! My wee girl is often still not great with strangers, so a strange bloke with a beard is probably a bit much :) Although, she was fine until we tried to leave her on her own!

  4. I remember being apprehensive of Santa, in fact there’s a photo of me at aged around 6 where I am clearly trying to get off his lap as fast as I can. Bless your little girl, although I have to say he’s a top quality Father Christmas, look at his beard!

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