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I had been struggling with this theme (busy weekend, not enough sleep, lacking in inspiration!). We, thankfully, haven’t experienced the devastation that water can bring over the last month, like so many have. We don’t live that close to the sea. We haven’t even had much rain.

But then the wee girl and I went to her swim class yesterday. As I watched her squeal in excitement and attempt to launch herself into the pool unaided, I thought about all the fun we have with water.

I really enjoyed swimming with the wee girl yesterday, I barely need to hold her up anymore – with her bubble (a rather strange flotation device that is a requirement at our YMCA…) she bobbed around quite happily.

Every few minutes the request to kick legs came and she’d flip herself onto her back and kick her little legs for all she worth! Anyone near us got a soaking!

If it wasn’t kicking, it was jumping (irrespective of what we were actually supposed to be doing!). One, doo, dee, JUMP! rang out over the pool as she launched herself in, fearless, completely confident, going right under the water and coming up grinning. At not quite 22 months, she is showing signs of swimming independently, and she certainly has no fear of the water.

We splashed and played with toys, we sang songs and splashed some more. We practiced reaching, kicking and jumping. We blew bubbles and did some more splashing :) I just love to watch her enjoy the water so much, and I am very proud of her progress.

The boys didn’t have swimming lessons until they were three. Before then they went to the pool sporadically and it took both of them a little while to gain confidence. The difference I see in the wee girl’s confidence in the water is astonishing, but shouldn’t really surprise me – we’ve been going every week since she was six months old. Having said that, the boys can now both swim independently, and the 7yo is doing really well. In fact, his stroke technique will soon be better than mine!

It goes without saying that learning to swim is an essential life skill. But, it’s also so much fun. When I look back over the last year, having fun in the water is a recurring memory. Moving to a place where it was actually hot over the summer, the kids spent a lot of time in the water :) We have swum in a lake, we’ve been on lots of theme park water rides, we’ve played with hoses and water tables and water squirters, we’ve jumped in puddles and played in the tuff spot!

Water is powerful, necessary, scary, beautiful, calming, peaceful and fierce. It deserves respect.

But, how much fun you can have!

Do you take your kids swimming? Do you enjoy spending time in the water?

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13 thoughts on “The Theme Game: Water”

  1. We’ve been a bit rubbish at taking our children swimming regularly. I’ve just booked my eldest into 1-2-1 sessions to increase her confidence and they’re going really well. I love being in the water but remember hating it as a child so it looks like my two might be following in my footsteps! Thank you for linking up with #TheThemeGame

  2. thereadingresidence

    Lovely photos :) We took Boo for swimming lessons last year, but then had to stop them and haven’t restarted yet. Little Man’s only been in a pool a handful of times. I’ve actually recently been looking into lessons for both of them, but the logistics of taking them both, and attending different classes, is proving tricky! I’ll persevere..! Thanks for joining in with #TheThemeGame x

  3. Alexandra Mercer

    Swimming is something I’ve really let my children down with. I’m very short sighted so when I go swimming without my glasses or lenses I worry because I can’t see where the children are and when you’ve got 6 of them to keep your eye on it becomes rather stressful! I think I’ll have to start taking them 2 at a time when my husband can look after the others. #TheThemeGame

  4. So true, swimming lessons are an essential life skill I believe. And there is also so much fun you can have with water as you have demonstrated.
    Lovely pictures.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBekids

  5. My kids swim much better than I do! They’ve had lessons for several years, although my daughter transferred to Rookies (life saving classes) as she got a bit bored with the lessons. The kids also do one term of swimming lessons during primary school – not really enough to learn in though!

  6. I love swimming and E did until she started walking and now she clings like a koala or prefers to run around the pool… I’m very jealous of fearless water babies… I’m hoping it’s just a phase!


  7. It’s such an important ‘thing’ to have isn’t it? We want swimming for the first time in weeks if not months, just this last weekend. Whether they can swim or not. Confidence and safety around and in water is something that our little bear definitely has. I’m grateful for that.

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