Mess: snow painting


Yet again, it’s been cold, blooming cold! Daytime highs of -10C are not conducive to spending much time outside. So, some quick and easy activities are needed to let everyone get a bit of fresh air. But, they need to take less than 15 minutes to do and enjoy!

Today, we did some simple snow painting. This was extremely easy to set up!

You will need:
Food colouring
Squeezy bottles

I didn’t have any squeezy craft bottles, which would have probably made for less splodgy painting, so I used some kids water bottles with a sports cap. Of course, being kids bottles the caps don’t come off… so after some careful dripping of food colouring into the top of the cap (!) we had four bottles of coloured water ready to ‘paint’. I used about four or five drops of colouring in an 8oz (approx 250ml) bottle. Being Friday, the 4yo was at home, so as soon as the wee girl had gone down for a nap we headed outside for our 15 minutes :)






When the 7yo got home from school, he wanted to have a go too, so he took the left over paint and went outside. I caught up with him half way through his creation – he made a snowman!




Great fun, and all done in 15 minutes! I’ll be honest though, I’m just about done with this cold – I’d quite like it to be spring, now :)

I’m linking up with the wonderful Country Kids at Coombe Mill again this week. Click on the badge to see what everyone else has been up to and be inspired to get outside!

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30 thoughts on “Mess: snow painting”

  1. Love this Sara, looks awesome! I’ll definitely be getting hubby to do this with the girls when the snow comes this way (I’ll be staying inside in the warm with new bubba) xx

  2. I love the resourceful use of kids water bottles and the wonderful captures with the coloured water squirting out. I have seen versions of this done before through Country Kids and really want to give it a go. I think it is time some of this snow came our way to give you a break and let us have just a few days of snow fun. When it does I will have have a matching post and just hope I can capture the moment as well as you have here.

  3. Oh I love this! Such a great idea and so simple! If it snows here this year I will give it a go! I bet you are fed up of the cold, I am and it has been nowhere near as cold here as it has in your part of the world! xx #countrykids

  4. Anna (Family Roundabout)

    What a brilliant idea! Should we get any snow I’ll be trying this out. -10C… I can’t even imagine.

  5. Kriss @OverthertoHere

    What a fantastic idea for playing while being creative in the snow. I’m going to have to try this with my two as they’d LOVE it. Great photos too!

  6. Hi, what a brilliant idea. Very simple and inexpensive. Think i might have to bank this idea, if we ever get some snow here and not the constant rain we’re having.

    1. Thanks! I used about four or five drops of food colouring in an 8oz bottle of water. Good question, I’ll add that into the post :)

  7. That’s such a nice and simple idea! I’m sure they had a lot of fun. I don’t know how I would survive in such temperatures!

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