Word of the Week: Self-hosted

I hope I’m not cheating too much using a hyphenated term, but this week has been all about going…


On Saturday I tweeted:

So, what do you reckon Twitter… Can I go self hosted in a weekend? Albeit a long weekend, but: new site by Tuesday??!

Well, by Sunday my new domain was registered and visible. On Sunday evening we did the first import to test it all out (my husband was a wonderful second pair of eyes, and understood the more technical terms!). On Monday we did a second import, correcting a couple of minor mistakes made first time round and by Monday evening it was live :)

The rest of the week has been spent tweaking and trying to decide on a design. So, my week has definitely been all about my new self-hosted blog.

I will be posting my step by step guide at the weekend, I took lots of notes! It really was relatively straightforward :)

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32 thoughts on “Word of the Week: Self-hosted”

  1. thereadingresidence

    Fantastic – well done! Glad it all went pretty smoothly for you. I started up as self-hosted, so never had to deal with this, but it sounds like you’re going to write a great post for others, too -lovely of you. Thanks for joining in with #WotW x

  2. Well done! I nearly made the switch last night but I really need to make myself wait until I have a few days off in case anything goes wrong!

  3. Well done you! The thought of going self-hosted scares me….I am rubbish with computers and technical things…lol

    1. Kim don’t be scared do it! I don’t know anything technical at all and I did it. Way to go Sarah!!!! Congratulations for doing it in a weekend! So proud of you! It’s great isn’t it! Do you feel free and powerful now? Lol

      1. Jenny is right Kim :)
        And, yes, it’s a great feeling – just need to get some time to really play with it all though :)

        1. Oh I am the same, only been on self-hosted for a few months.I have so much to learn and I know nothing about code so it’s a little frustrating on the design front. I know what I want just don’t want to pay an arm and leg for it. lol Youtube tutorials are a dream for help.

          1. The CSS code is scary – I’ve just about got the hang of the HTML, and now have to learn all new stuff! Annie over at Mammasaurus reviewed a good plugin editor… Thinking of investing in that :)

          2. Oh thank you. I basically used the sugar and spice theme and then changed everything bit by bit now it’s asking me to update and I will lose everything. Didn’t know I should have stuck with a child theme and then editted. EEEK. Think I might need to just pay someone to design it for me. ;)

    2. Moving from WordPress was easy, every step was clear to follow… Not sure about blogger, but I can’t imagine it is that different. But, you’d have to learn wordpress :)

  4. Ditto what a lot of the others have said – seems like a great idea to take complete ownership of your work (although i really rely on all the great features of WordPress at the mo) but the thought of letting go of the safety net is scary! #WotW

    1. Ah, but a self-hosted WP blog has the same features as the free one (with the addition of some plugins!)… I’ve published my step-by-step guide now and I’ll post some more guides as I start to learn more about the whole thing!

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