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The 7yo’s last school science project was to research snapdragon flowers… Climate, care, fun facts! The final task was to create a poster with an ‘eye catching’ picture of a snapdragon, fully labeled…

Now, snapdragons aren’t the easiest of flowers to draw, even for me, and I can draw. Watching my husband try was hysterical (sorry sweetheart!). So, you can imagine that trying to get the 7yo to draw one was going to be painful.

I managed to distill a snapdragon flower into four shapes… Which I thought was pretty good going, so how hard could it be, really?!

Very hard apparently…

So much so that I had to give up and walk away, such was my frustration, and leave (the artistically challenged) hubby to do it!

In the end however, to give the 7yo and the husband their due, the poster was really good. The snapdragon plant is somewhat reminiscent of a snapdragon plant, and the cross section through a flower (so that the 7yo could actually label something!) was very good. And, his handwriting was so neat – believe me, he never writes this neatly, ever!

I was so impressed with him for sticking with it (despite the tears and frustrations and protests! And, that was just me…) and creating a poster board that he could be really proud of.

And, I’m proud too: it’s pretty good for a seven year old, don’t you think?!


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22 thoughts on “Make: snapdragon school project”

  1. Wow, he’s done a really good job! Notbad for a 7yo at all. No wonder you’re proud! Thanks for linking up to Loud ‘n’ Proud :)

    1. They certainly do! It really is his handwriting, I couldn’t believe how neat it was! Amazing what they can do when they actually concentrate :)

  2. Grace says – WOW – you’ve done so well with this. I tried to draw a Snapdragon and couldn’t so MEGA High-5’s to you for doing so well xx
    Thanks for linking up to #minicreations

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