Happy Birthday gorgeous boy!


This weekend saw us celebrate the little boys fifth birthday. I can’t believe that he’s five and that he will be starting kindergarten in August! He is growing up so fast.

My gorgeous boy; you are amazing. You are funny and kind and bright. Your endless enthusiasm and love for life make us all happy; there is never a dull moment and you bring such sunshine into our lives. Everything is exciting, everything is an adventure; and we are so lucky to be able to join you on your journey.

You are thoughtful and caring. I know you look after your friends at preschool, making sure everyone is okay. You are so grown up and responsible, getting yourself up and dressed with no fuss, making your own breakfast, looking after your sister. You love to be smart. You will choose a shirt over a t-shirt when you can. You like to know that you look good; and ask me each morning mummy, do I look smart in this?

You are so clever. You amaze us with your thoughtful, intelligent questions, your problem solving skills, your conceptual analysis: how do you work these things out, you think two or three steps ahead at all times! You can build things, your spatial awareness is incredible and you are a real help to your daddy on projects.

You make us laugh, your comic timing is wonderful; but you are so bashful when you realise we’re watching and laughing with you. Your new catchphrases of I have an idea and we have a problem and I’ve been thinking make us smile every time.

You love Lego and beyblades. You will spend hours building cars or ‘training’ your beyblades. Your Angry Bird and Cut the Rope skills are impressive, compared to me anyway! Team Umizoomi and Paw Patrol are current favorites. You love doing sums and you are learning to read. You are so proud of yourself when you get things right, and we are so proud of you for doing so well.





My gorgeous son, we all love you more than we can say. You make us think, you make us laugh and you make us very proud. I can’t wait to see you start school and learn new things and have even more fun. Our next year is going to be great!


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63 thoughts on “Happy Birthday gorgeous boy!”

  1. I was nearly in tears – your love of your son shines through. He sounds wonderful and I’m not surprised you’re so proud.

  2. Love love all the lovely pictures. 5 WOW growing up so fast. In kindergarden already in august I bet that feels weird to say! time really does go way too fast. Glad he had a great special day it looks like it. Just don’t blink he will be grown up and married ! lol sorry didn’t mean to give you a heart attack just then, it really does feel like it goes that fast though doesn’t it? Lovely post. #magicmoment

  3. Just beautiful Sara, a truly wonderful post for a gorgeous gorgeous boy. Heartfelt words and great photos. I love that he wears a shirt and asks if he looks smart, how brilliant. Happy birthday little man! Thank you so much for sharing, great post #whatsthestory

  4. Hellie's Corner

    Happy birthday, hope he had a brilliant day, it certainly looks as if he did. They grow up so fast, and before you know it your looking up at them, not down :-)

  5. It looks like he enjoyed his day. I do think you notice time travelling faster when you have children, I can’t believe that my youngest will be 3 later this year. I love your description of your son, it is a really nice memory to keep and remember what he was like at 5.

  6. Happy birthday to your boy and happy birth day to you, too, five years on. Time flie by so very quickly and he looks like a proper lirpttle boy ready for action. Puts me in mind of my little blue boy who will be starting pre school in September!!
    Hope you all had a lovely day

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  8. Wicked World of Lucas

    Happy Birthday lil’ man – looks like you had an awesome time for your Birthday. Your mum’s post is so lovely, I hope you read it when you’re older and realise the love that goes into your mum’s post xx #whatsthestory

  9. Caroline (Becoming a SAHM)

    Aww what a beautiful post Sara, so lovely to read all about him and read how much love you have for him. beautiful post and happy birthday 5y/o! xx #whatsthestory

  10. What a gorgeous post about your lovely little chap, they really do grow up so fast don’t they! So nice to capture the memories while they are fresh x

  11. sarah hill wheeler (@hill_wheeler)

    Happy birthday. What an amazing cake too. It sounds like you have an engineer in the making. Great age.

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