Easter Egg Hunt


Easter Sunday saw three very excited children jumping up and down as soon as they got up; asking when they could go on an egg hunt…

Before the 5yo even got up we could hear him asking his brother if he thought the Easter bunny had been yet :)

Eggs were prepared, sweets hidden and the egg hunt began! I’ll let the photos tell the story…



















The boys knew exactly what they were doing and ran off without a backward glance to find as many eggs as they could!

This was the wee girls first egg hunt… She joined in straight away :) Cries of my eggs, my bucket, more eggs! rang out around the garden and she ran from one egg to another. She was so pleased each time she found one, so excited to discover the little sweets hidden inside each. Our lovely neighbour had hidden eggs too, adding to the fun.

It was bright and sunny, the kids were happy and excited. Eggs were found, the odd bit of chocolate may have been consumed! After we had finished and all the eggs had been found, the 7yo came and whispered to me thanks for organising a brilliant egg hunt mummy; that’s what makes it all worthwhile.

Our egg hunt was followed by bike rides and strolls in the sunshine, lunch with friends; more egg hunting, more excitement, lovely food; it was a wonderful day.

Happy Easter everyone, I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend!

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48 thoughts on “Easter Egg Hunt”

  1. They must have been so excited Sara! The boys look like they set off with purpose and wee girl must have been beside herself! She’s just adorable walking round with her little bag. Great photos of the boys checking out their stash too. Fabulous post, thank you so much for sharing #whatsthestory

    1. Thank you Charly x They had a lot of fun, and the wee girl certainly knew what she was doing :) Thanks for hosting x

    1. Thanks Jaime, it was fun :) I used the plastic eggs and just put a few sweets inside each, so lots of eggs, not too much chocolate! Thanks for hosting x

  2. Aww thats looks si much fun! We only stayed at home this easter sunday as its raining cats and dogs so we did our chocolate hunt inside the house! I can still find eggs in some hiddencorners =) #MagicMoments

    1. Oh, I’m sure the kids would have enjoyed this just as much inside… it’s all about the chocolate :)

  3. It looks like you all had the perfect day! It must have been extra special that your little girl joined in for the first time. Thank God the weather was on your side!

  4. How exciting! I love Easter Egg hunts. T had one in her play school. It was actually raining down in Cornwall on Easter day, so all Easter activities had to be done inside our house. Love the photos of your little ones, they all looked really happy and excited, just a bit like Christmas, don’t you think ;) x

  5. I love a good easter egg hunt. Looks like everyone had a ball. We had those baskets too they were great to decorate and use again next year. ;) Glad you had a great easter hun!

  6. Next year I think the kids should hide the eggs and send us parents looking for them ;)… so much fun, you can see they are excited in the pics.

  7. They look like they enjoyed it. You had much better weather than us so our hunt was delayed until the afternoon when the rain stopped and the Easter Bunny risked putting a few eggs outside and the rest were hidden inside. I really don’t think it matters where the eggs are the kids still really enjoy it.

  8. franglaisemummy

    You’ve gotta love a good easter egg hunt :-) Our 17 month old tried to get involved this year, which consisted of her emptying the eggs from where her big sister had gathered them – whoops!

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