Easter: egg decorating


Our Spring break has only just started, so we hadn’t had much opportunity to do Easter crafts until this weekend. Last year we dyed eggs for the first time and it was fun. So, we decided to try it again.

I had bought an egg decorating kit last year that we hadn’t used, so instead of it going to waste, I got it out and set everything up for the boys on Friday.

The kits include colour tablets and the recommendation is to use a mix of vinegar and water for a more intense colour. So, we added a little vinegar to a cup first, added the tablet and let it fully dissolve.

While we were waiting for the tablets to dissolve, the 7yo used the white wax crayon that came with the kit to initial the eggs. Once the tablets had dissolved we added warm water and then lowered hard boiled eggs into the water (using the handy egg dipper to save fingers!). The eggs were then left until the desired depth of colour was achieved.

It was a Spider-Man kit with stickers and stands for the eggs, so the boys had fun decorating them once they were dry. The 5yo created his usual symmetrical pattern of stickers, while the 7yo made two Spider-Man heads! Two happy boys :) Now, to enjoy rolling them down the drive…







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34 thoughts on “Easter: egg decorating”

  1. They look brilliant. I tried natural dyes this year (blueberries worked well, but the red cabbage didn’t work at all), but the dye didn’t seem to hold. Maybe next year I need proper colouring. #letkidsbekids

  2. I’m still scoffing left over chocolate! It’s such a hardship :) What a great craft session. The boys did good! I think next year monkey will be old enough to attempt something similar. #letkidsbekids

  3. Caroline (Becoming a SAHM)

    Oh wow these look so cool and looks like the boys loved them! Thanks so much for linking to #creativechallenge

  4. Wow those colours are so vivid! I remember ‘blowing’ eggs (where you blow all the insides out through a small hole) and then decorating them as a child. I must figure out how to do that again when the boys are a bit older…

  5. kidglloves@gmail.com

    Lucas says – WOW!!! Superhero Easter Eggs – my type of egg. These are awesome. Sending you all XL MEGA High-5’s :)

    Thanks for linking to #minicreations

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