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Last week was a good week for the 7yo! Following a glowing report at his parent-teacher conference, he was proud to take us to our town’s annual schools art exhibition, to show off his own artwork.

His parent-teacher conference couldn’t have gone better, I heard all the things that I wanted to hear; he is exceeding the benchmarks in all areas, he reads well above his Grade level, his maths is extremely strong, he’s even started to write more descriptively (moving away from writing the shortest sentences possible!). He still doesn’t remember to use capital letters at the beginning of sentences and he can make careless mistakes when he works too quickly, but we need something to work on! He is sociable and thoughtful, his teacher said that she could see the ‘big brother’ in him in his interactions with classmates. He is funny and bright. I am incredibly proud of him :)

On Thursday evening we all headed over to the Middle School to see the art show. This is the second year in a row that he has had a piece chosen to be part of the exhibition :) Last year saw his pirate treasure map make the cut. This year it was Mars, complete with space rocket… an interesting, somewhat abstract, piece :)


I am just so pleased to see how well he has settled into school here, how hard he works and how much effort he makes to get involved in activities. I couldn’t be more proud of him.

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14 thoughts on “School Art Exhibition”

  1. It’s great they pick out talented artists. At my kids school, they get art work put on the wall, but not for the specific purpose of an exhibition.

    1. The exhibition is wonderful, and the work that is chosen for the show really is impressive; and it’s from kindergarten right through to the High School students. It’s a lovely community event.

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