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My younger son turned five a few weeks ago. He is currently in preschool and is very excited to be starting Kindergarten in August. So much so that after every holiday we’ve had this year he’s asked if he is starting school now.

On Sunday evening as the boys went to bed, all ready to go back to school after Spring break the following day, he piped up:

Mummy, I’m starting Kindergarten tomorrow aren’t I?
No, sweetheart, after the summer holidays! (mummy said for about the hundredth time!)

He loves to learn, and when his brother is doing his homework he often asks for homework of his own (I know, I know, it won’t last!). He likes to draw and practice his writing, but he loves to do sums.

I came downstairs the other day to find that he had been doing sums with his dad and brother. After my husband had written out a set of numbers for him to copy, he started to do sums.

4+3=7; 5+5=10; 8+8=17 (close :) and back to front, but hey, still pretty good!)

But, what really impresses me is
400+300=700; 100+100=200; 300+300=600

He can count to one hundred and understands that adding tens and hundreds is the same as adding ones (or apples or bananas!).

I’m very impressed and super proud of him. Not just that he can do this, but that he wants to. I remember when my 7yo was this age, and getting excited about starting school… I’m fairly certain that he didn’t ask to do maths problems!

He’s is so curious and considered. He thinks things through and is as likely to ask how? as why?

Yesterday he wanted to know how the wheels on the buggy worked, I got as far as the word axle before he had exclaimed, in his usual fashion…

I know, there’s a tube connecting the wheels which is tight enough to hold the wheels but loose enough to let them move!

Not a bad explanation for a five year old :)

This morning he came bounding in to the bathroom (will they ever knock?) and said mummy, four plus five equals nine! and then bounded out again…

I truly hope that this excitement and love of learning continues. And, although the questions can get frustrating when you’re trying to get things done (!) I try very hard to stop and answer, to not stifle this wonderful enthusiasm.

He’ll be doing algebra next :)

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20 thoughts on “Maths and the preschooler”

  1. That’s fantastic! Very impressive. It’s great when they really want to learn – and he’s obviously got a real aptitude for it too. I love his explanation of the wheels on the buggy, I don’t think I’d manage an explanation as good as that!

  2. !! I think he and my son must be soul mates! That is exactly what he does for fun: numbers, numbers, numbers. He will count to 100 in the car to while away the time. And barge into the bathroom to tell me about maths. He is a bit younger and not quite as accomplished yet though. Incredible what your boy can do, especially adding the hundreds together. Shame you live so far away, I think they would have wonderful play dates. :)

  3. Nicola Young

    You have a little genius on your hands! It’s great when they are so enthusiastic about learning. All the time he is like that, you’re on to a winner. My five year old is similar and I think being the youngest of three has meant that he was keen to crack on and catch up to the other two. The only problem I have is that I can’t always answer his questions. Like with your son asking how something works, mechanics/engineering is not my thing!

    1. mumturnedmom

      Some of his questions definitely get a little tricky :) Part of if is definitely wanting to catch up with his brother!

  4. Wow that is *proper* enthusiasm!! JJ (who will be 5 in September when he will also start school) is more interested in numbers than letters so far but not like that – he still gets a bit confused when you go into the teens (eleventeen anyone?) so I hope the guiding hand of some interesting teaching will fire him up a bit to learn more!

    1. mumturnedmom

      He’s a little scary at times :) But, it’s so brilliant to see! He is very ready for school, not sure the teachers will be quite ready for him!

  5. Awww such a math whiz!!!! Learning is something that we cant really push and when they are hungry for it it really makes parents proud. I am lazy when I am a student so heres hoping that my son will be as passionate in learning as yours =P

  6. This really is amazing, he must be very advanced in his maths skills. It’s nice to know he is so excited about starting school. I really hope it continues, and stays all through his schooling.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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