Make: lollipop stick fish

How to make a Lollipop Stick Fish

The theme for the Family Fun linky from Denise over at Mum on a Mission for a Better Life last week was fish.

I’m late linking up with Denise as usual (one week I’ll make it on time!), but the 5yo and I had fun making a fish! With Pinterest providing ideas, and the 5yo choosing which one he wanted to try, we made a fish from lollipop sticks. The finished craft is slightly abstract, and coincidentally decorated in a very appropriate way to celebrate Memorial Day :)

You will need:
Six wooden lollipop sticks
Paint and brushes
PVA glue
Googly eyes
Stickers, beads, stars etc. to decorate

The 5yo painted the lollipop sticks; painting one side, leaving to dry and then painting the other. He chose blue and red paint.

Lollipop Stick Fish - painting

Once the lollipop sticks were dry we glued them together. The 5yo needed a little help here to position the sticks and line them up. We started by agreeing the pattern for the sticks. The 5yo then splodged the glue (enthusiastically!) while I positioned the sticks; before laying them with the ends hanging over the edge of a paper plate to allow them to dry without sticking to the newspaper!

Lollipop Stick Fish - gluing

Once the glue was dry he set about decorating his fish. He used stars (starting with a big yellow one for a ‘face’!), beads and googly eyes. As always, his decorations followed a pattern and when he was finished we realised it was somewhat reminiscent of the American Flag, which seemed appropriate as today is Memorial Day here in the US!

Lollipop Stick Fish - decorating 1

Lollipop Stick Fish - decorating 2

Lollipop Stick Fish - decorating 3

This craft needed to be done in stages, waiting for things to dry, but the 5yo is patient enough to do this. He enjoyed painting the lollipop sticks; choosing to make the fish stripey; and decorating it. And was, as always, very pleased with his creation :)

Finished Lollipop Stick Fish 1

Finished Lollipop Stick Fish 2

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43 thoughts on “Make: lollipop stick fish”

  1. Another fab craft project! We made a fish yesterday too at a local kids activity day. Though Arthur is still at the stage where most of the crafting comes down to me… x #letkidsbekids

    1. Thank you :) I love doing the crafts with them, but it is quite nice now that the boys can do a lot of it themselves, I like to watch them getting creative x

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  3. Kate Williams

    Love this, wish I’d seen it earlier as we’ve been rained in today! Thanks for linking with Tuesday Tutorials #pintorials

  4. That’s so clever, Sara! Such a simple idea that doesn’t faze a child or overwhelm them…I constantly look for craft ideas for my girls as my older one is very craft-inclined and sadly stuck with a mummy who has a crafting blind spot! Odd that I can do photography and yet be so blank when it comes to innovative thinking. Thanks for giving me a workable idea, I can already hear the excitement for tomo (in my head! ;P) x

    1. This was a good one, easy and contained. I love pinterest for stuff like this, although I tend to just look at the pictures and then decide how I’m going to do it myself :)


    Grace says – These look great and certainly a lot of fun to make. Well Done lil’ dude.
    Thanks for linking to #minicreations

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