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Regular readers will know that it’s been fairly busy, in fact a little chaotic, chez mumturnedmom over recent weeks. The blog has suffered, the house has suffered, my 7yo has run out of clean socks almost daily (I swear he eats them!).

In less than two weeks I fly to the UK, I’m attending BritMums in London (yay!) and then travelling up to Edinburgh to pack up the remainder of the stuff from our old house and attend the wedding of a very good friend.

Before then, the 5yo finishes up at school (so I have to organise teacher gifts), it’s Father’s Day, it’s the 7yo’s birthday and then he also finishes school (more teacher gifts!)…

In addition to all this, because I can fit so much more into my day, I need to get posts written and scheduled for while I’m away; although ten days minus children might be a good opportunity to actually do some writing :) Or maybe just sleep?

So, this week has been all about planning, or at least an attempt at it. I’ve written a lot of lists!

Now, to start ticking some things off said lists… Wish me luck :)

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30 thoughts on “Word of the Week: Planning”

  1. I’m so rubbish at planning… yet somehow it all kinda falls into place… sort of… :) I shall make it to Britmums tho! See you there :) looking forward to meeting you :) xx

    1. Oh, it will be so lovely to see you at Britmums :) My planning is all theoretical at this point, I need to actually do some of it!

  2. WoW! makes my life feel somewhat sedentary compared to yours! Best of luck with it all, and I hope the weather in the UK is kind to you next week xx

  3. Life at the Little Wood

    Oh Sara-busy busy for you! Hope you get everything organised luvvie. So looking forward to meeting you at BritMums! :) xx

  4. Ah lists, where would I be without them? It really does sound like you’ve got a lot going on – well done for staying so level headed about it all! Good luck getting everything you need to do done – sounds like you’ve got a fab trip to look forward to at the end of it all :) x #WotW

  5. Wowzer you are a busy lady!! I’m also going to Britmums, hope we get chance to say hello to each other =D Good luck getting everything ready #WotW x

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