Father’s Day

Fathers Day

We kept things simple this year for Father’s Day, sticking to homemade cards and treats.

It was not really a typical Father’s Day, in the day off sense! With the 7yo’s sleepover birthday party last night and the 5yo at a birthday party at 9am this morning, there was no lie in, no breakfast in bed, no rest for the wicked :)

My husband made a very good point though, one that makes perfect sense and in fact actually makes today an okay Father’s Day, despite all the running around!

Breakfast with the 7yo’s guests, entertaining them, playing games, refereeing, taking the 5yo to a birthday party, picking up one of his friends on the way; doing all the usual dad jobs; well, that’s why it’s Father’s Day for him.

For my husband a perfect day is a day spent being a dad, and all these tasks and activities go hand in hand with that. So, no, he didn’t get a lie in, or get to spend the day on the sofa watching football; but he got to spend the day with the kids (and their friends!).

Fathers Day Crafts

As an activity/distraction (!) at the 7yo’s party last night, we got all the kids to make some treats to give to their dads this morning. The 7yo and 5yo of course joined in, making up little bags of chocolates and creating gift cards with labels I had made earlier.

These joined the pile of handmade cards that the boys already had for my husband, and made for a lovely collection of treats for daddy. These personal notes from the children, written entirely by themselves (I had no input!), meant more to him than random presents (although he did buy himself some new tools…!).

My husband is a wonderful father, and this is what he loves; to simply spend time with the kids. To have fun, laugh, take the boys for a bike ride, sit on the porch looking for doggies with the wee girl, play games, read books, make memories. And this is why the children adore him too.

It was an ordinary, special day.

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26 thoughts on “Father’s Day”

    1. It was a pretty good day! And I then surprised him when a friend came round to babysit so that we could go out and have a bite to eat, alone!

  1. Lovely! And he is right – being with them is what makes it Fathers Day. My husband didn’t get a lie in either – but being up and playing with two children without having to leave them for work was lovely for all of us! x

  2. Ahhh amazing gifts. Looks and sounds like you all had a great family day for Father’s Day!!! What a love idea for the pressies. Simple is always better for special occasion. We kept it very very simple here too! It’s about quality time together and that’s all that matters. #magicmoments

  3. Glad he enjoyed Fathers day doing what he loves, being a Dad.
    What a lovely idea to get them to make handmade card with personal messages. Its much more personal that a bought card.

  4. Your husband did put it perfectly well, being a Dad is about spending time with his kids and that’s what Father’s Day is about! Liked the idea about the kids getting together to make gifts :) #MagicMoments

    1. The kids all really enjoyed making something for their dads, it was a great activity for the party x

  5. We did hand made cards here, I think they are so much more personal and it’s the same here my husband would prefer to spend the day with them doing stuff, although I did let him have a little lie in, it was his turn though :) #magicmoments

  6. Lucas says – AWESOME ideas for Father’s Day and they look very yummy too – XL MEGA Hi-5’s being sent your way. BTW – The Mother sends yours a HUGE hug??????

    Thanks for linking to #minicreations

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