Happy Birthday to a special son!

Happy Birthday special son

My eldest son has turned eight! I can’t quite believe I have an eight year old… But, what an amazing eight years we have had!

My special boy; you are wonderful. You are thoughtful and considerate and clever. You are such a social boy, you have lots of friends and your birthday party at the weekend was so much fun. You have found yourself a really nice group, and I am very happy for you. It was hard to leave the UK, but you have settled so well and are making really good go of things here.

You are bright and interesting. You love reading and are developing the same taste in books and films as me! It means the world to me to have these things in common with you. To be able to enjoy them together, talk about them, get excited about them!

You are doing so well at school. You are clever and hard working with a real love of learning, when you’re in the mood. You can be a little lazy…! You are fascinated by science and come home brimming with facts and figures that you want to share with me. You get on well with your classmates and you are helpful and kind.

You love Lego and Beyblades. You particularly enjoy competitions with your brother, although you still have to learn the art of losing gracefully… You have just finished all the Harry Potter books and we are hunting for the next series that will get you excited and absorbed. You like to do experiments, some more successful than others :) You enjoy learning new things and love books that are full of facts and real life stories. You watch lots of documentaries with your dad, and he loves spending this time with you.

You are enjoying Cub Scouts and your dad and I are very proud of all that you have done this year, you have shown maturity and commitment. Your swimming has come on amazingly well in the last year, and I suspect before long your technique will be better than mine! I’m so happy that you have found activities that you enjoy.

You are a wonderful big brother and it makes my heart swell to see you with your brother and sister. They both adore you, and you them.

The Birthday Party


Birthday Boy

Birthday Cake

We love you very much, we are so lucky to have you in our lives. We can’t wait to see what the next year brings us. It’s been a fantastic eight years, here’s to the next one!

40 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to a special son!”

    1. It’s a bit scary really, not sure where the years have gone! Eight is an interesting age, I can see the tween years ahead!

  1. As always your cakes are absolutely amazing! I am so impressed. And more importantly HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE! I can’t say little guy anymore you are a grown boy now. Lovely photos. Hope the day was perfect in everyway. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  2. Ah, Happy Birthday to your eldest! Lovely pics, I hope he enjoyed his Skylanders cake. I’m looking forward to the day that I can read Roald Dahl & Harry Potter with my two! X

  3. Happy Birthday, hope you all had a fab day celebrating. Where does the time go? My eldest is about to turn 8 too-seems like yesterday she was toddling along and amusing us with her selection of hats!

    1. Thank you Iona, we had a lovely day x I still can’t quite believe it… the tween years will be upon us before we know it!

  4. What a lovely letter to your special big boy!! He’s such a cutie! So lovely that you have so much in common I totally understand why that’s so amazing for you! His cake looks fantastic by the way! X

  5. What a lovely post, a belated Happy Birthday!!
    My daughter is 8 and we are noticing how they really go from a child to the start of a little adult. Knowing what they want and like, the start of their own personality.

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