Ordinary Moments: imaginary sandwiches

Imaginary Sandwiches

My daughter loves imaginative play. She likes nothing better than playing in her chitchen (kitchen) and bringing me tea and biscuits and sandwiches.

Sandwiches will consist of two or three layers of whatever flat(ish) pretend food she’s found and will often be presented on a plate. She gets quite annoyed when the stacks fall over… But it’s a bit tricky to balance a cookie on a burger bun on some spaghetti :)

She also likes to sit at the bottom of the stairs and have a picnic and these photos tell the story of a recent sandwich picnic on the stairs.

They are a bit fuzzy and a bit close up, but I was instructed to sit next to her at the bottom of the stairs, so my view was somewhat compressed!

They are a bit silly and she is indeed trying to eat her sandwich…

But, as I sit here in my hotel room in London, writing this and looking at these funny photos, that are so her, I am so very glad to have captured this ordinary little moment.

Making Sandwiches 1

Making Sandwiches 2

Making Sandwiches 3

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40 thoughts on “Ordinary Moments: imaginary sandwiches”

  1. Aghh bless her imaginary play is so amazing to watch in our kids. Imaginary sandwiches even better. So sweet. Bet she gets that from her momma! #ordinarymoments

  2. She is gorgeous, they are lovely photos so natural and capturing a real sweet little ‘ordinary’ moment! So sweet that she involves you in her little picnics, I bet you love every second of it! Xx

    1. I do try to stop and enjoy it, there are times when I’m trying to get something done, but I just remind myself that she won’t want to play with me like this forever, I need to make the most of it x

  3. Aww so very cute! Monkey loves his pretend food too and is really starting to enjoy the imaginative play. My brother popped round the other day and went home covered in sand after being force fed ‘stew’ aka a plastic saucepan full of sand, plastic carrots, beans and onions :). It’s just lovely and I love the sound of her stair picnics :) xx #theordinarymoments

  4. So sweet and I have a little girl who adores to play with her kitchen and imaginary food as well. I have to eat endless cakes and cups of tea, and if I say I don’t want one she tells me I have to have one. ;) I bet it was lovely to look at these photos while you were away in London- it really is the simplest moments that are the sweetest. Such a shame I didn’t get to meet you, it is so big and there are so many people to see! x

    1. It was lovely to look through the photos, made me a bit emotional, but made me smile. I do love my imaginary tea :) And yes, so many people!

  5. The photography is just stunning, she’s gorgeous, and her imagination is running riot! Isn’t it funny how they try and replicate the real world into their own little imaginary world. Lovely & funny post and pictures
    It was just lovely to meet you at BritmumsLive. I feel like I’ve known you for years. I hope the rest of your time here in the UK is as enjoyable as Britmums – and the sun keeps shining! xx

    1. Thank you :) She copies everything, in her own way, and it’s so lovely and interesting to watch. It was so lovely to meet you face to face, such a wonderful couple of days xx

  6. I love the one where she is munching on her sandwich! So priceless! What imagination! My son loves imaginary play too. In the living room while I am doing chores in the kitchen I would hear him using different voices. I love children’s minds. =) #OrdinaryMoments

  7. Such a cutie. My youngest is always concocting little imaginary meals for us in her kitchen or making ice creams out of her play rice. It’s wonderful to see their imaginative play in action #whatsthestory

  8. Aww I love pretend picnics – even the ones where I get told off for picking up the wrong imaginary sandwich! Our play kitchen is probably our most used toy and I love seeing the games the girls come up with. Your little one sounds like she’d fit right in!!

  9. Ah – yet another post which makes me wish I had an imaginative little girl! You must really be missing all three of them but I hope you’re having a wonderful break X #whatsthestory

  10. Aww I love times like this – so important to capture but rarely possible. They’re such lovely photos though Sara, you captured her beautifully and you can see she’s taking it all very seriously. I hope you got something nice to eat. POD often serves up weird combinations like egg, asparagus and a carrot! Lovely post, thank you so much for sharing #whatsthestory

    1. Thank you Charly, it was a fun picnic. As for yummy, creative is probably a better word :) Thanks for hosting x

  11. That is so sweet! My little one has also started doing more imaginary play now, and that includes talking to his truck :)

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