Bake: Skylanders Marshmallow Pops

Skylander Marshmallow Pops Tutorial

After the success of the Lego Head marshmallow pops that I made for the 5yo’s birthday party bags, I decided to make some Skylander ones to go with the Portal of Power cake that I made for the 8yo’s party.

These were super easy to make, and the kids loved them!

You will need:
Lollipop sticks
Edible food spray (I used blue and green)
Black edible marker

Pop the marshmallows on to lollipop sticks. Spray the marshmallows your chosen colour (you could also dip them in colour melts). I used an egg carton to stand them up in while I sprayed them. Allow to dry fully; do leave yourself enough time before you need to decorate them… a couple of mine were still slightly damp and the black marker ‘bled’ a little.

I printed out a set of the ‘elements of power’ symbols and just copied them, drawing with the black edible marker directly on to the marshmallows. If you’re not confident with this, you could cut out a stencil to colour in.

Again, wait until they are fully dry before wrapping in a small cellophane food gift bag.

Skylander Marshmallow Pops 1

Skylander Marshmallow Pops 2

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33 thoughts on “Bake: Skylanders Marshmallow Pops”

  1. Oh Sara these are fantastic and a great party favor too! You are always so creative with your goodies I love it. I didn’t even know they made edible black marker. Always teaching me something. ;) #tastytuesdays

  2. What fantastic colours you got with these!! I love the individually wrapped final product too… My girls would be VERY impressed with me if I handed them one of these :-)
    …Nice surprise treat for friday night movie!

  3. These look great! I love your Lego Head ones too, such a simple idea (always the best!) but So effective! These are on my list to do, now need to find edible spray colour!

    1. Thank you! I use Wilton brand ones, but I don’t know if you can get them in the UK? You could use colour melts instead, I guess they’d just take a little lounger to do x

    1. I think colour melts would work well, might just take a little longer, but I think they’d look great :)

    1. I made them the morning of the party (it was late afternoon). The spray dries reasonably quickly, so the day before would be perfect – I has intended to be that organised…!!

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