Word of the Week: Emotional


Well, what a week it has been! Even just thinking about what my word of the week could be makes me feel emotional!

BritMums: I wrote about my experiences here, but overall the event was an emotional one. Getting to actually meet bloggers I’ve been talking to ‘virtually’ for eighteen months was amazing. Hearing inspirational woman and men speak, about good times and bad, was moving and empowering and uplifting.

Missing my children: While I would be lying if I said I hadn’t been looking forward to, and am now enjoying, the break, I miss my kids, a lot. FaceTime is wonderful, but actually makes me want to cry, especially when the wee girl tries to hug the phone…

Packing: My key task while I’m in Edinburgh is preparing for the movers coming tomorrow to pack up the rest of our stuff from our old house. I have mixed emotions about this. Stress at the moving process, sadness at these final moments in our old house, happiness that I will soon have all my stuff back! Two years with only the ‘essentials’ is enough :)

Friends: As packing the house has been the priority I have had little time for catching up with people this trip which makes me sad. But, I have managed to see a couple of friends, and one of my dearest friends gets married on Saturday and I am thrilled that I am able to go!

And lastly…
Keys: We got the keys to our new home in the US yesterday..! Let Project House and Project Garden commence…

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42 thoughts on “Word of the Week: Emotional”

  1. Rachel - 3yearsandhome

    Lovely to have met you very, very briefly at BritMums and made the rookie error of confusing the US and Canada – with Canadian family, you’d think I know better. Best of luck for the big move. You must be exhausted!

  2. Oh wow I didn’t realise you’d finally found and bought a new house! Exciting! It must be lovely to have a break from the madness of motherhood but it sounds like you’ve had a pretty mad time anyway! X

    1. I’ve been keeping it quiet, in my not jinxing things kind of a way :) But, we got the keys yesterday, so it’s all ours now :)

  3. Its funny some days as a mum you wish you could have the weekend to yourself with no noise, mess and not having to lift a finger. However when that happens you miss it!
    Good luck with the move, one of life’s big stressful events.

    1. Thank you! I’ll be very glad when the movers have finished packing :) I’ve enjoyed my break, but I can’t wait to see the kids x

  4. That’s a lot to be emotional about! Missing your children and a house move alone would be more than enough for me. I hope you enjoy the wedding and travel safely to your new home-how exciting :)

  5. What a week, Sara! Emotional sums it up perfectly, as you have so many huge things going on. Hope you have a great time at the wedding, and I’m so looking forward to finding out about your new home. So sweet that wee girl is trying to hug the phone – you’ll be back with her soon x Thanks or sharing with #WotW

  6. Wow, what a super busy time. No wonder you’re emotional… I’m so glad to hear that you’ve finally got your keys though! Have a great time this weekend and look forward to hearing about your next adventure!

  7. Aww I bet it has been emotional, in so many ways!! You almost made me want to cry describing wee girl trying to hug the phone, so sweet and I can understand you must miss them s much as it is lovely to have a break! Hope all goes well with the movers of your hold house, that has got to be a bit sand, end of a chapter etc, but it is really nice you have the new house to look forward to! Very much looking forward to seeing project house and project garden! :) xx

    1. The wee girl hugging the phone is just the sweetest thing, but it really does make me cry! Lots of mixed emotions this week x

  8. Awww my heart break when I read about your girl hugged the phone. Emotional indeed. Nice tho that your stuff is going to be with you. Does those include your painting equipments? Emotional week this is but exciting in the next weeks =) #wotw

    1. The phone hugging really did make me cry. The rest of my painting stuff, yes! More importantly, I’ll have space in the new house to actually be able to paint :)

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