The Prompt: TV: could you live without it?

The Prompt 24: TV: Could you live without it?

TV: could you live without it?

The short answer is no! And, like I am about most things, I’m of the everything in moderation camp when it comes to the screens in our lives.

Speaking personally, I love TV. Nothing beats some escapist nonsense to help me relax and switch off at the end of a hard day. Admittedly, I rarely watch ‘live’ television anymore, but my DVR is always full :)

I have always enjoyed watching television, I have fond memories of watching TV as a family when I was younger; whether it was a Sunday afternoon musical or an early evening soap, it was something that we enjoyed together. We would look forward to a new series or a movie premiere. We would read the Radio Times and plan our viewing.

With my own children, I have never had an issue with them watching TV. Clearly I monitor what they watch, but if there is a series that engages them; gets them talking, questioning and anticipating; then I’m all for it. I have watched their imaginations fly when a programme has inspired them. I have seen them learn; from basic numbers and letters through to facts and science principles. They laugh, they get excited and they enjoy watching together.

My 8yo loves documentaries, and is completely fascinated by science and nature programmes and the 5yo loves shows that include maths and problem solving. The wee girl loves Curious George and Team Umizoomi; the latter of which has seen her number, colour and shape recognition move far beyond that which I would expect from a just turned two year old.

I’d be lying if I said I never used the TV as a babysitter. Sometimes you just need to get things done, and TV can hold their attention in a way that few things can. I’d also be lying if I said that I never worry that they watch too much TV; that I should be doing more crafts, more activities, more outings with them. But, some days, every one just needs a break.

I’ve never set a limit on screen time. I’ve never felt the need to. Yes, there are days where they probably watch a little too much. But, there are other days where they watch none at all. And, frankly, I can’t possibly provide them with all the knowledge and exposure to ideas that TV can bring.

Yes, there is bad TV (rather a lot of it!). Yes, there are inappropriate programmes, and in fact we have a banned list. Yes, adverts are a pain in the proverbial. And yes, we could survive just on DVDs and Amazon Prime streaming if we chose to. But, we would never be without TV entirely; we (I!) definitely couldn’t live without it!


You can find this weeks #ThePrompt linky here. I do hope this topic inspired you; I look forward to finding out how you feel about television.

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28 thoughts on “The Prompt: TV: could you live without it?”

  1. Yes!!i love you admit ur love of tv.its apologies everywhere for it.or trying to keep kids away.why? To me tv is perfect escapism.its bout balance.

  2. I’ve said the same thing about using it as a babysitter. I think most parents of small children do. As long as they aren’t watching complete crap I’m comfortable with a couple of hours a day. As for me & hubby, we do love a good boxset (thanks Netflix!) Great prompt xx

    1. Exactly, as long they aren’t watching complete nonsense (all the time!) and me and hubby also enjoy a good boxset :)

  3. I love this post – so calm and balanced on children’s TV viewing. I often worry that the TV is on too much but my toddler does seem to learn a lot from what she does watch and we try to do other things as much as possible too. Thanks for sharing this :-)

    1. Thank you x I think that it’s all about balance, and yes my kids probably watch a bit too much sometimes, but I’m not concerned because I know that they do plenty of other things too x

  4. I am exactly the same in regards to the kids watching TV Sara, I have never been one for setting limits on how much they can watch as I know that they do lots of other things aside from watching TV so if they want to watch a favourite show or film then I’m happy for them to do so. #ThePrompt

  5. PottyMouthedMummy

    I like to read that there are people who aren’t demonising TV. All in complete moderation. A guy I work with has all TV banned (his wife’s idea) and I just can’t imagine completely cutting something out of my family’s life like that. it’s not all bad. Really interesting prompt this week, well as usual! Have a lovely weekend xxx

    1. I can’t see how banning it can be a good thing. I’ve always felt that children will crave something more if they are never allowed to have it…

  6. Hi I think this is a brave post. Alot of people frown on the use of television in a house. I completing agree with you, everything in moderation. Like now its Friday evening, we’ve had a long week, I’m really tired from work so we’re going to have a movie night. The whole family on the sofa together enjoying a film. A lovely relaxing evening.
    My daughter also gets so much out of animal programmes and her love of sharks have come from some brilliant childrens programmes like Deadly 60.
    So a bit of everything works well, and how would I have gone through my childhood not watching Grange Hill and The Really Wild Show!

    1. Thank you, I was aware of that as I was writing it, but I really don’t think that severely limiting screen time, or worse banning it, is necessarily the right way to go. Family movie nights are really special and there are some great documentaries that my kids love. And completely agree on Grange Hill and The Really Wild Show, still love Chris Packham :)

  7. Ok I going to stick my neck out and say ‘show me a parent who’s never used the TV as a babysitter or left it on for too long’… Love the honesty in you’re post Sara. Some programmes really are educational.

  8. I’m just like you! I love my TV time, and yes, I don’t get to watch it live as much as before. If monitored correctly, it can’t be a wrong influence. I know my toddler has improved his vocabulary watching some shows!

    1. Absolutely, I can see how much my 2yo has learnt from it. And, while I know she learns a lot from us too, it can’t be bad to be getting different perspectives x

  9. It’s funny my boy loves Team Umizoomi too, and when he recently identified the majority of numbers written down his source of reference was Team U! TV certainly has it’s place and I don’t think I could engage or excite them about the world as easily if we didn’t have TV. We enjoy TV, we enjoy movies together (just) and sometimes when you just need some chill-ax time TV is just the ticket. Moderation, that’s what I say. A good #prompt.

    1. Absolutely, moderation (as with most things!) is the key. I don’t believe there is anything inherently wrong with television, it’s about how we use it x

  10. I was going to say that I can live without it and then like you I love Amazon Prime and the shows that I am watching are actually TV shows from the US. So I guess I cant. And it is a great escape. I wouldnt let it go just yet =) #pocolo

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