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187: Concentration: the wee girl sitting on the porch with bubbles.
188: Storm: this was the rain just before the tornado warning!
189: Beach: the wee girl is still not too sure about the sand :)
190: Pond: stopping to enjoy the view on our way back from swim class.
191: Bubbles: fun in the garden with bubble wands!
192: Park: investigating the park next to our new house.
193: Emerging: our caterpillars are becoming butterflies.

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32 thoughts on “Project 365: 187-193”

    1. I love that we walk past the pond on the way into town, I have photos of it in all seasons :) Yes, tornado warnings are an interesting experience, thankfully the storm didn’t develop into one :)

  1. Angela Spicer

    It’s great to see the butterflies emerging. We had rain like that this week, just before the school run typically

  2. That stormy pic looks threatening. Aren’t some children funny about sand? She looks so tentative. That IS NOT pond. It’s a mahoosive lake. Well by English standards anyway!

  3. Glad to hear the tornado didn’t happen! I didn’t realise that part of the US had that extreme of weather! Nice to see the sun soon reappearing in your pics :)

    1. We often seem to get the edge of things, and we’ve had tornado and hurricane warnings a few times since we moved here!

  4. great capture of the bubbles
    you had a tornado – blimey baton down the hatches! i hope not much damage was done.
    Your daughter is looking so much bigger recently – she has such pretty dresses x

  5. I love the presence of fences in your photos thins weekend the black and white shot of the storm is so atmospheric! I’ve ordered one of the butterfly kits to focus over the summer with the kids – can’t wait! X

    1. It was quite incredible, it had been beautiful all day and then the clouds just rolled in! That’s New England for you :)

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