Country Kids: back to the beach

Country Kids Back to the Beach

We’ve had a wonderful outdoors week this week! We’ve done lots of walking in the sunshine, played in the garden and the park, and had our first trip of the summer to the beach at Breakheart.

Breakheart Reservation is a beautiful area of parkland about a ten minute drive from our house. In addition to lovely woodland walks there is a lake with a beach. During the summer swimming areas are roped off and there are lifeguards on duty. It’s stunningly beautiful. The water is shallow and warm; fish nibble at your ankles and geese swim past.

Regular readers may remember our trips there last summer and over the winter, when the lake froze and we had fun ‘skimming’ stones across the ice.

On Tuesday we made our first trip there this summer. The weeks have been getting away from us and it was time to go for a swim!

Last summer the wee girl wasn’t at all keen on the sand, and she was too young to go in the water too much, she was only just walking and still a bit unsure on her feet.

This week, well, she still wasn’t massively keen on the sand, but once she was in the water she, almost, loved it… Still a little unsure!



Her brothers were off like a shot, no looking back for them. They love the lake :)


We arrived mid-morning and the beach was still quiet. Perfect for getting used to the water again and for the three to have fun together.





While her brothers continued to play in the water, the wee girl investigated the beach.





We spent a lovely couple of hours of playing in the water. I have to say that watching little fish swim over your feet is quite something!

It was then, of course, time for a picnic :) One of our absolute favourite parts of the summer.


And, no trip to Breakheart would be complete without climbing on rocks :)


We left in high spirits, the boys declaring it the best! Watching the kids run along the path through the woods, still wet from the lake, giggling together was a lovely end to our morning.



We love Breakheart and this will not be our last visit of the summer.

I’m linking up with the wonderful Country Kids at Coombe Mill, as always. Click on the badge to see what everyone else has been up to and be inspired to get outside!

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37 thoughts on “Country Kids: back to the beach”

  1. Your gorgeous wee girl is suddenly looking so grown up enjoying the lake there with her brothers. It looks a very special place and so different from that frozen expanse in winter! Thank you for joining me for Country Kids with such a lovely post.

  2. Aww, first trip to the beach… can’t wait for ours in a couple of weeks. The wee girl does not look too keen on the water, bless her! #CountryKids

  3. awww Sara what a truely magical place to have so close by! it really looks like a little bit of heaven i wish we had something like that near us. Although the fish swimming over my feet is not NOT something i would love *cringe* :-) #CountryKids

    1. Oh, I like the fish, and they do nibble which is quite an odd sensation! It is really beautiful, I feel very lucky that it’s so close x

  4. Michelle Davis

    Wow, they are all growing up, aren’t they! What a fab place to have nearby – the water is so clear! Hope you have lots more fun there this sumer!

  5. Oh my! What a great place to swim. I think I’d love to see fish swimming over my feet. Wee girl’s face in that first photo is priceless. Hope she grows to love the experience. Eventually. #CountryKids

    1. She’ll be fine for a while and then suddenly decide she’s had enough, it’s very funny to see the expression on her face :) We love picnics x

    1. It was beautiful and quiet when we arrived, then a group from one the summer camps arrived! Great fun though :)

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