Alphabet Photography Project: J is for… Juicy


Not the best photo from me this week, the light wasn’t great today, but we have grapes, actual grapes, in our new garden! I wonder if they will be sweet and juicy… or as I suspect is more likely; sour :)

Joining in with Charly’s Alphabet Photography Project over on PODCast.

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30 thoughts on “Alphabet Photography Project: J is for… Juicy”

    1. Such a fun find in the garden! The boys were so excited to show me them :) Can’t wait for them to ripen so that we can see!

  1. Oh juicy is such a good one! My Dad’s been growing a grapevine in his garden, this is the first year he’s had some fruit grow on them. I hope you get a nice surprise when you eat them. #alphabetphoto

  2. How lovely to have your very own grapes growing at home! Great minds think alike … I chose “juicy” too. Hope they’re super sweet and juicy when you set to eating them! All the best, Bonny

  3. Oh my word that is SO exciting. I must be like some kind of treasure trove wandering around to see what there is! How awesome. Hope all is going well and you’re not working yourself too hard. Thanks for sharing with #alphabetphoto

    1. It really is! I enjoyed our break over the weekend, it was much needed :) Looking forward to getting stuck into the garden, but think the house needs to come first…!

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