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My word of the week could be boxes again, as it was last week! I’ve lost count of the carloads I’ve transferred from one house to the other :)

But, this week has been more about change, movement; transition.

We’re very lucky to have this time of transition; that we were able to buy before selling. It has given us time to take the move slowly.

But, last night, we moved in to the new house!

We’re camping; all our furniture is still in the old house as viewings start today!

It’s fun though, we’re muddling along… I packed a kitchen box, and haven’t needed anything from the other house, yet. We all had a mattress to sleep on last night, albeit the kids are all on travel mats. A friend very kindly lent us a couple of camp chairs, so we have something to sit on!

I will be glad when my word can be ‘moved’ though; past tense, all done, completed!

How has your week been?

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20 thoughts on “Word of the Week: Transition”

  1. So lovely to hear that you’re in your new house and the process of moving in has begun! Good luck with getting everything in and transforming it into a lovely home – will look forward to when your word of the week can be “moved” too! :-)

  2. Such an exciting time moving house (and of course very stressful!!) that camp out style that always goes along with moving is always so exciting, I always have good memories of that! Xx

  3. I remember having to use deck chairs when we moved. I hope you get a quick sale so you can get your furniture soon. Enjoy the adventure of camping indoors in the meantime! Emma

  4. Sounds like an exciting week to me. I love your attitude to it all as so many people would be stressing lots about not having furniture. I do hope you are settled soon though x

    1. Thank you, that’s a really lovely comment. We have enough to be getting by, but I will be glad to move in properly :)

  5. Busy and emotional week for us as my son attended his last day in his preschool. Camping in a house sounds fun! Would love to do that one day! Congrats again with the tots score! You deserve it more than anyone =) #wotw

  6. It must be exhausting but fun moving into a new home! We’re in a temporary cottage while we look for a place so had to do an ikea shop last weekend for essentials as everything is still in storage.

    1. Oh, we’ve been there – our US kitchen is full of IKEA essentials :) Our container I snow in New York, so I’m looking forward to having all my kitchen stuff back!

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