Alphabet Photography Project: Q is for… Quantified

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Q is for Quantified

This sticker made me smile; as the container, crammed full of our (many!) possessions, was slowly unloaded into our house and garage; super heavy seemed appropriate :)

Joining in with Charly’s Alphabet Photography Project over on PODCast.

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26 thoughts on “Alphabet Photography Project: Q is for… Quantified”

  1. It’s funny how a simple photo can evoke so many memories and emotions. We too had a bright orange Hapag Lloyd container (the company was an HVAC client of ours!) so you have just transported me three years in the past. If yours says super heavy I can’t imagine what mine said as it was full of hubbies tools!

  2. I thought this was just a (very striking) abstract photo at first, but even better that it’s actually so significant to you! A very creative ‘q’ :) Hope the move’s going well! Xx

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