Word of the Week: Preparation


Preparation is key. Preparation is necessary. Preparation is my word of the week!

I am prepared, at least mentally, for my husband spending the next ten days in Europe…

He is off to do a charity cycle, starting in Holland and then heading up through the UK and ending in Edinburgh.

He is prepared. Well, getting there. The bike still needs to be packed into the bike box and he is currently out buying new drinking bottles. But, he has a list :)

Today is all about the last minute preparations. I have a list too!

He has connected the DVD player and the Apple TV for me (not that I couldn’t do that, but I feel happier knowing it’s done!). He has shown me where the fuse board is (really hoping that was unnecessary!).

The fridge is stocked. The snack cupboard is full. I have wine.

What could go wrong :)

How has your week been, what would your word of the week be?

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32 thoughts on “Word of the Week: Preparation”

  1. Wow, ten days on your own with the children…and a full larder of wine! It’s a bit challenge you’re both taking on & this word has a double meaning for both of you. Best of luck to your husband, and fingers crossed you don’t need the fuse box xx

  2. Good luck to your husband! :) Our week has been emotional, but I think my daughter is finally settling down in school. She didn’t cry this morning! Yay #wotw.

  3. Ooohhh the wine is there so you are going to be ok! I just want next week to be less stressful school run wise as we walk and theres so much stress when you are walking with a 4 year old =P #wotw

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