22 thoughts on “The B&W Photography Project: Flower”

  1. She looks so fascinated by the flower.. I think this perfectly fits to be in black and white. The black and white did add more drama to your photos, especially on the 2nd photo. They look so sweet. ♥

  2. Really beautiful capture – the angle and the expression on the wee girl#s face makes you look at the flower.

  3. Aw. The wee girl is so beautiful! I love her little face – she’s always so engrossed in something! There’s something about black and white that makes it so much more lyrical somehow. X #bwphotoproject

  4. What a lovely photograph. Sometimes I think that black and white pictures capture something that colour doesn’t. I love the way the Wee Girls hand is clutching tightly onto the stalk of the flower.

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