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271: Dude: The 5yo chose a shirt and tie to wear to a birthday party.
272: Colour: A splash of colour from some autumn crocuses.
273: Leaves: Fall has well and truly started!
274: Last Minute: another sleeping child shot…
275: Painting: getting creative with the paints?!
276: Exploring: the wee girl on the hunt for flowers amongst the leaves.
277: Musician: the 8yo with his new clarinet, lessons start next week :)

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8 thoughts on “Project 365: 271-277”

  1. Your little boy looks so smart in his shirt and tie! All your kids seem to be growing fast.
    We have those purple crocuses in our garden! I got confused by them as I didn’t know you could get autumn crocuses!

  2. My sister used to play the clarinet and I loved listening to her play, such a wonderful instrutment. Love the black and white leaves, they look cool in monochrome.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  3. The clarinet was my instrument. I wish I still played but it’s in the roof, and would be agony to play again (both mouth, thumb and hearing wise!). Hope he enjoys it and gets on well.

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