Make: Halloween Decorations

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Halloween Decorations

I haven’t been very organised for Halloween this year! But, with less than a week to go it was time to let the kids loose on some simple Halloween decorations.

I wanted to do something that all three of them could enjoy together, so I decided to get them to decorate some pumpkin and ghost shapes.

We used:
Foam shapes (alternatively you could cut out shapes from cardboard, there are lots of great free printables out there)
Googly eyes
Pom poms (various sizes)
PVA glue
Glitter glue
Marker pens

I laid everything out, invited them to the table.




Then, other than the odd splodge of glue for the wee girl, left them to it; popping back every so often to take a few pictures and see how they were getting on!

The 5yo particularly enjoyed the pom poms and the googly eyes, although he did also make a ‘Frankenstein’ pumpkin complete with bloody brains… Yuck!





The 8yo went a bit mad with the glitter glue, and his creations took over 24hrs to dry!




The wee girl gave her pumpkins faces, eyes and a nose on each; she was very insistent that they all had to have faces :)




Now that the wee girl can join in with these activities, it is lovely to watch them all working together. The boys helped their sister with glue, and they joked and laughed as they finished each of their creations. And, I was able to sit back and enjoy watching them work together.


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  1. Grace says – These are FAB!!!! I hope they didn’t scare people too much…………
    The Mothers say – One of our favourite Halloween #minicreations – these are brilliant xx
    Thanks for linking to #minicreations

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