Word of the Week: Fast


As we speed towards Christmas, a Christmas for which I have not yet done a thing; no decorations up, no cards written much less posted, no presents bought; I am struck by how ridiculously fast this week has been!

Just when I could perhaps do with things slowing down a little, the week seems to have flown by in a blur. It has been a busy, fun week. Catching up with friends. The traditional Santa photo taken. Lots of activities and play dates. My husbands birthday. Presents to buy, a cake to bake. It’s been non-stop and just so fast!

I have a list as long as my arm of things I want, and need, to get done. Tree and house to decorate, Christmas shopping to do, Christmas cake and mince pies to make, cards to write, presents to wrap, friends to see…

But, if the days keep whizzing past at this rate Christmas could end up being a rather chaotic affair!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if next week my word of the week could be slow. No, I’m not holding my breath either :)

How has your week been, what would your word of the week be?

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22 thoughts on “Word of the Week: Fast”

  1. You are so right the word fast is how time seems to go for me all the time. I have had a busy week too my sons birthday and christmas shopping. Tree up and just the cards to post . I love christmas and a new grandson to enjoy it with. By next year a granddaughter will join us lol. Merry christmas

  2. The weeks are certainly flying by aren’t they! We’ve got all of our Christmas presents as we started buying a couple of months ago but that’s it! I need to write cards, wrap presents and we need to decorate the house. This year I haven’t been as productive as usual, I’ve not done any Christmas baking at all! Hope you have a good week xx #WotW

  3. It does actually seem to be happening faster than previous years. I wish you good luck with everything you have to do – and no, I can’t see it slowing down any time between now the 25th! :-) Xx #wotw

    1. Thank you, I think you’re probably right, I’m just going to have to have excellent time management skills in the next week or so!

  4. It doesn’t seem to matter sometimes what you want- life does have this habit of doing as it pleases! I hope you find the time for some you time in amongst the bedlam.

  5. At least with everything being so fast there is no chance to get bored! I only just bought my xmas cards today and realised I could do with an extra week between now and Christmas! x

  6. It does go incredibly quick. I find that time, in general, has quickened up since I hit 35. :/
    My pressies are all but done but no decorations yet as we are trying to keep the stimulus down for little man due to his autism. No Christmas films either. I’m still trying to get my head around it but it’s the right thing to do because it works.
    Keep calm, have a cuppa. ;) X

    1. There will be many cuppas! We’ve ordered some presents now, so I’m feeling a little bit more organised, and our tree is at least up now, if not decorated :) Just need to do my cards and get them posted this week…

  7. Finally someone who is like me! No decors yet here too. Would want to buy gifts but I have budget =P

    I wish that this season will really just go by fast! So that I dont have to worry about it. =P


  8. Hope things slow a little for you, although agree it’s unlikely that next week’s wotw will be slow :) I think perhaps fast is getting to all of us right now, and there’s still so much to do – good luck x

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