Alphabet Photography Project: C is for Cloud

C is for Cloud

Having spent the last 24 hours in the grips of Blizzard Juno, my inclination for this week was to choose a snowy or icy picture for cold or chilly. But, I felt the need of some warmth; blue skies and memories of summer.

I took this photo while lying on the beautiful Nahant beach this summer. It was a wonderful day; full of sunshine, friends and fun. The sky was almost cloudless, and this photo is unfiltered. The sky really was that blue.

As I look out at the snow (still) falling and think about shovelling more snow tomorrow, this photo makes me smile and transports me back to those peaceful moments where all was calm and the children were occupied with sandcastles and I was able to lie back and watch the clouds float past.

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20 thoughts on “Alphabet Photography Project: C is for Cloud”

  1. Lucas says – It reminds me of my summer holiday too. I love the Summer. I’ve heard that you’ve got a lot of bad weather at the moment where you live and really hope you all keep very warm and safe xx #alphabetphoto

  2. Wicked World of Lucas

    What a lovely photo and I can see why you like looking at it, bringing back loads of lovely WARM memories. Hope you are all safe over there – thinking of you all xx #alphabetphoto

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