Our Garden: winter takes hold

Winter Takes Hold

A couple of weeks ago after a light snow fall I took a walk around my garden. The dusting of snow was pretty and sparkly and made an otherwise rather dull winter garden look a little more special.

Light Snow 1

Light Snow 2

Light Snow 3

Light Snow 4

Light Snow 5

Light Snow 6

Light Snow 7

Light Snow 8

On Saturday, we awoke to a world turned white. About five inches of snow had fallen and the garden was postcard pretty.

More Snow 1

More Snow 2

More Snow 3

As the day wore on, the snow began to melt a little, creating tiny, sparkly icicles on the plants.

More Snow 4

More Snow 5

More Snow 6

This was just the calm before the storm, and Monday night saw the start of Blizzard 2015: Juno! I am currently in the process of clearing the snow, but this was the sight that greeted us on Tuesday morning.

Lots of Snow

By the end of the day we had a good two feet of snow and my ‘gardening’ priority was to clear an escape route from the house. We can only open the front door, the rest are blocked by snow, so clearing the steps was necessary!

Digging Escape Route

Today we have been clearing more paths, wading in the snow, playing with sledges, losing snow boots in snow drifts and enjoying the sunshine in our winter wonderland.

Winter Wonderland

As winter takes hold in our garden, I am joining in again with Annie over at Mammasaurus for the wonderful How does your garden grow?.

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23 thoughts on “Our Garden: winter takes hold”

  1. Brrr! I feel FREEZING looking at these photos!
    No snow where I am yet but I believe further north there’s some. This takes me back to when you had a load of snow before. The big rocks in your garden look awesome sprinkled with snow – and those icilces look evil – beware!
    I do hope you aren’t totally snowed in sausage – and thanks for joining in again x

    1. I’ve started knocking the icicles down, they really do look lethal! It took awhile, but we are now able to leave the house safely :)

    1. It took a while to dig us out, and who knows when I’ll be able to open the back doors again… But for now we can escape!

  2. Love how you showed the transition over the week from the sprinkling to the full blown snow drifts. After three blizzards the last couple of years I know the shovelling out is a nightmare but it also becomes a winter wonderland for the kids. Good idea getting rid of the wicked icicles.

    1. Yeah, the icicles looked pretty lethal! The kids are loving the snow, but the shovelling and driving and parking etc etc is hard work :)

  3. Now that is ‘proper’ snow. I love the drippy-looking icicles, I wouldn’t fancy walking under them though! Hope it doesn’t make day-to-day life tricky for too much longer, it does look amazing though.

  4. Wow, you really have had a fair amount of snow haven’t you?! I don’t envy your job clearing those steps I have to say. But it looks amazing. I hope it doesn’t hang around too much and make the everyday hard work.

  5. THAT is an impressive amount of snow. We have a small covering today but it was enough with the ice underneath to make our roads very slippery! I must get out to take some photos.

    Happy snow clearing – I do not envy you that at all.

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