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The Prompt 52

Although The Prompt is now a few weeks past turning one (I’ve taken three weeks off over the year!) Week 52 seemed an opportune moment to have a little celebration.

To say thank you to everyone who has linked up. To take a look back; pick my own favourite posts and a few others that have stayed with me. To celebrate the diversity and talent that has been demonstrated.

Over the last 51 weeks hundreds of wonderful posts have been linked up. We’ve written about magic and love and family. We’ve talked about what makes us happy and sad and angry. We’ve reflected, remembered and wondered.

We’ve mixed fiction and poetry with anecdotes and articles. Opinion has sat alongside imaginings. Memories alongside fantasy.

It has been better than I ever allowed myself to hope it would be.

It has been a joy to see people embrace the idea; to look forward to the prompts and enjoy seeing where each one takes them. Every week sees such a wonderful mix of styles and approaches, interpretations and meanings.

Reading all your posts has become a highlight of my week.

The busiest weeks so far have been: 38: The mistakes we make; 49: Beginnings; 11: That was unexpected; 51: Family; 50: Focus; 21: My favourite smell; 20: I wish I had more time; 29: Challenging; 8: Reflection; and our very first week, 1: Guilt to motherhood is like grapes to wine.

My own favourites have been 8: Reflection; 37: Books; 2: I was saddened by; 6: Pink is for girls; 40: Opposites Attract; 43: Age and 44: A letter.

Over the weeks I have read some incredible posts, and choosing a few to mention is very difficult. There have been so many that I have loved that I can’t even come close to mentioning all my favourites. But, here are just a few that have stayed with me after reading.

This post from Leigh at Headspace Perspective is a beautiful, sad and powerful piece of writing based on the prompt Thunder.

It was wonderful to get a dad’s view from John at Dad Blog UK when I posed the question Are women better parents than men?

Sam from And Then The Fun Began shared her first piece of flash fiction with us, based on the prompt Smoke.

And Maddy from Writing Bubble shared a great two part ghost story between My favourite season and Smoke.

This poem about Joy from Chrissie at Muddled Manuscript is very clever; simply wonderful.

In this post, Sian from Potty Mouthed Mummy realised that she had a great idea (which it was!) and went out on a limb.

Renee from Mummy Tries is always inspirational in her honesty about how tough parenting can be, and her post for Focus is a case in point.

Tracy from Mummy Shambles always makes me laugh, and often cry. This post about her favourite season was more about the laughter!

When she isn’t wowing us with her fiction, Sophie from Sophie Is writes impassioned articles like this one on longer school hours.

I really could go on, but I limited myself to an hour of flicking through old posts, and I’m going to stick to it!

Suffice to say, I love The Prompt. I am thrilled that others love it too. I hope that the next 52 weeks will be as much fun; and that I can keep coming up with ideas for prompts..!

Now, I’m off to hit publish and have a celebratory glass of something :)


You can find this weeks #ThePrompt linky here. I do hope this week’s prompt inspired you; I look forward to reading your posts.

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11 thoughts on “The Prompt: Celebration”

  1. I wish I had started joining in earlier but it has taken the New Year to give me the inspiration to give it a go! I have found it really interesting seeing everyone’s different interpretations of the prompts and I look forward to continuing to link up!

  2. Oh thank you so much for mentioning my ghost story – completely unexpected! I’ve loved joining in with the linky and your prompts have really made me flex my creative writing muscles. Many of the flash fiction pieces I’ve written never would have existed without you! Reading other peoples posts has been great too and I think you’ve shared some fabulous posts! Certainly a lot to celebrate! xxx

  3. A well deserved glass of something celebratory! #ThePrompt is a superb linky, thanks for hosting and long may it continue. Thaks also for mentioning my blog post. It happns to be one of my most visited!

  4. *chinks glass* I enjoy taking part when I do, sometimes I don’t feel inspired to write so I don’t join in, but I try to when I have my writing head on!
    Off to go read the posts you’ve suggested now! :) Here’s to another year!

  5. Thanks for the mention Sara! I really enjoyed being prompted to write a piece of fiction for the first time in years. Sorry I’ve been a bit absent from The Prompt the last couple of weeks – I’ve had a bit of a inspiration crisis and combining that with trying to achieve the whole blog/life balance has meant something had to give. I hope to get back into it again soon :-) Xx

  6. Thank you so much for the mention Sara! I’m really chuffed. I’ve said it before, and I shall say it again – I love the Prompt. It has challenged me to write creatively, and in a way I hadn’t written before about Hugo, and about other things too. Congratulations on the first year, and here’s to another successful year ahead xxx

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